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Adam Equipment
Adam Equipment PTT 5000a Pallet Truck Scale with built-in label printer 5000 lb X 1 lb
Offering an all-in-one solution, the PTT Pallet Truck Scale combines the power of a 5000lb/2000kg capacity heavy-duty pallet truck scale with the convenience of a built-in label printer. The PTT features solid steel pallet forks> more ...
Adam Equipment PTS-5000a-AE402 Pallet Truck Scale 4400 lb X 1 lb
Adam Equipment’s PTS pallet truck scale allows users to measure the weight of objects as they are moved from one place to another whether it’s in a warehouse, on the production floor, or in the shipping department> more ...
Adam Equipment PTSplus-5000a-AE403 Pallet Truck Scale 5000 lb X 1 lb
Designed for commercial and industrial use, the PTSplus pallet truck scale has steel pallet forks, non-marring wheels and a zero-radius pivoting handle. Its sleek, solid design facilitates the transport of items from one place to another in warehouses, shipping departments or on production floors.> more ...
Cambridge Scale
Cambridge Scale Electronic Lift Truck Scale Systems
From: $6,813.00
The Cambridge Model: DL-CSW-10AT Lift Truck Scale System allows lift truck operations to quickly and precisely weigh and record individual lifts. This rugged piece of industrial equipment increases productivity and eliminates down time. There is no more waiting to get to a scale in a remote location. more ...
CAS CPS-Series Pallet Scales
From: $1,356.00
Versatility - The CAS CPS Series Pallet Jack Scales allow you to choose from the industry standard, rugged, commercially approved CPS-1 & 2 pallet jack scales to the full featured, economical CPS Plus model more ...
DigiWeigh DWP Pallet Jack Scales
From: $1,095.00
This is a professional Heavy duty Pallet Jack Scale for industrial or shipping use. It features super low profile design for easy operation. The up & down space of a standard pallet is 3.25" so the scale can go under the pallet very smoothly. more ...
Fairbanks Pallet Weigh Plus Jack Scale - Legal for Trade
From: $2,475.00
The easy-to-manuever Pallet Weigh Plus pallet jack scale is ideal in legal-for-trade pallet weighing applications. It can be used to check the shipping weight of incoming or outgoing goods, to quickly count in-stock parts, and to fulfill general product weighing needs. This heavy-duty pallet jack scale provides a rapid weight capturing method for fast-moving, limited space environments. more ...
Fairbanks Pallet Weigh Jack Scale
From: $1,867.50
Fairbanks Scales’ Pallet Weigh pallet jack scale combines the functionality of a rugged pallet jack with the incredible accuracy of a Fairbanks scale. This revolutionary product is easy to maneuver into space-limited areas and its simple operation keeps work flowing in fast-paced environments. Additionally, the Pallet Weigh meets or exceeds industry standards for accuracy, durability and repeatability in non-commercial application more ...
Intercomp PW800 Pallet Scale
From: $2,965.50
The PW800 is the preferred choice because it integrates its load cells within the existing forks. The PW800 uses load cells which are certified by the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technologies to provide +/- 0.1% accuracy. The industry’s highest standard capacity at 5,000 x 1 lb and lowest profile forks at 2.9 inches guarantees you can accurately and safely lift any conventional pallet. more ...
Rice Lake
Rice Lake RL-HPJ Hand Pallet Jack Scale 5000 x 1 lb
Weigh and transport pallets in one streamlined process with Rice Lake’s hand pallet jack scales. Easy to use, the RL-HPJ offers maximum precision for tracking shipping and receiving weights. Battery power keeps the weighing and transport process moving, while the integrated digital indicator provides a clear weight readout in any lighting condition. With a Rice Lake pallet jack scale, material handling is faster and more efficient for your warehouse.> more ...
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