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Digital scales include all major applications including lab scales, industrial scales, medical scales and more. Among the best digital scales you'll find smaller scales for retail or home use like jewelry scales or bathroom scales. Browse all our digital scales for sale below. 24 hour shipping worldwide is available.

Digital scales have become indispensable tools for accurate and convenient weight measurement in various settings. Our range of digital scales offers precision and reliability for a wide range of applications. Whether you need a weight scale digital for personal use, commercial purposes, or industrial applications, we have the best digital scales to suit your needs. Our digital scales for sale come with advanced features such as high-precision sensors, large LCD displays, and multiple weighing units for versatility. With our digital weighing scales, you can ensure precise measurements for ingredients in the kitchen, parcels in shipping, or materials in manufacturing processes. Explore our selection of digital scales and experience the ease and accuracy they bring to your weighing tasks

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Analytical Digital Scales Sophisticated analytical scales - both electronic and digital scales - for laboratory, pharmacy and anywhere where tight precision is a must. With laboratory scales from respected manufacturers such as AND Weighing, Adam Equipment DigiWeigh Ohaus and Sartorius, you can be sure you're getting the utmost in quality and features for your budget.

Baby Scales Sophisticated analytical scales - both electronic and digital scales - for laboratory, pharmacy and anywhere where tight precision is a must. With laboratory scales from respected manufacturers such as AND Weighing, Adam Equipment DigiWeigh Ohaus and Sartorius, you can be sure you're getting the utmost in quality and features for your budget.

Bariatric Scales Bariatric scales designed to weigh heavy patients with a body weight of 550 pounds or more from MedWeigh, Detecto, HealthOMeter and Seca. Fast shipping worldwide, secure online ordering, and don't forget about our Low Price Guarantee.

Bathroom Scales With four different solar powered electronic bathroom scales and one portable bathroom scale (small enough to carry in your suitcase!), you're sure to find one that meets your need for the home.

Counting Scales Professional quality digital counting scales from Ohaus, Mettler Toledo, Salter Brecknell and A&D. Always in stock and always at huge discounts.

Crane Scales Heavy duty electronic digital crane scales the toughest jobs from Chatillon, Salter Brecknell, Dillon, MSI and CAS.

Farmers Market Scales With the growing trend of farmers markets we here at have compiled a short list of our most popular portable Digital Legal for Trade scales.

Floor Scales Great selection of top brands of Electronic Floor Scales like Cas, Digiweigh, Inscale, Intercomp, Ohaus and Salter Brecknell. For all your Industrial needs.

Food Service Scales Bakery and meat counter, to the digital point of sale price computing scales at checkout, to Tanita's portion control scales for restaurant and cafeteria, to Chatillon's mechanical hanging scales for the produce department, we have the right scale to meet your needs and your budget.

Industrial Scales Scales for industrial use from the world's leading manufacturers - Ohaus, Tanita, Chatillon Ametek, CAS. Electronic and mechanical toploading scales for general weighing. Digital industrial crane scales for super heavy loads.

Jewelry Scales Electronic digital jewelry scales from DigiWeigh, Tanita and Ohaus. Several different models to choose from in many different capacities for weighing diamonds, semi-precious and precious stones, gold, and silver.

Kitchen Scales Several different economical kitchen scales to choose, perfect for use in kitchen as a cooking or diet scale, in office as for weighing mail for postage or in the craft room for weighing wax for candle making or other arts and crafts.

Laundromat Scales We here at have compiled a short list of our most popular com Laundromat Scales, Digital and Legal for Trade. Every state requires that scales used in commerce (sales) must be NTEP (The National Conference on Weights and Measures) Legal for Trade approved.

Medical Scales We offer a full line of Professional Medical Scales for medical professional like doctor offices, homecare, visiting nurse, hospital Healh clubs and more...

Pallet Jack Scales These digital pallet truck scales are rugged, dependable and ideal for accurate weights. The Pallet Jack Scales have been designed for use in rugged areas such as shipping docks, warehouses, and piecework production lines.

Retail Storefront Scales Label printing scales for deli, grocery store, bakery, Farmers Market or meat counter, price computing scales for grocery, Mechanical dial hanging scales for produce and more...

Shipping Scales We are pleased to offer our customers a wide variety of hard-working, heavy-duty shipping scales from Ohaus, Acculab, CAS, Chatillon, Tanita, Detecto, Mettler Toledo®- always in stock, and always at competitive prices.

Veterinary Scales Veterinary Scales are available in various sizes and capacities for weighing small, medium and large animals.

Find the Best Digital Scale for Every Need

Discover the unparalleled variety and versatility of our digital scale collection at Scales Galore. Whether you require precision for laboratory experiments, robust performance for industrial environments, accuracy for medical assessments or convenience for personal use, we have a scale to meet every need. Our selection is curated to offer the utmost precision and reliability, ensuring that every measurement is both accurate and dependable. With digital scales for sale from top brands in the industry, you can trust in the quality and durability of your choice.

Top Features of Our Digital Scales

Our digital scales set the benchmark for excellence in the industry, featuring state-of-the-art technology and design that cater to a wide array of weighing needs. Here's a deeper look into the features that make our scales a preferred choice:
  • High-Precision Sensors for Unmatched Accuracy: Each digital scale has advanced sensors to ensure precise measurements down to the smallest increments, making them ideal for laboratory, industrial and culinary uses where accuracy is paramount.
  • Large, Clear LCD Displays for Ease of Reading: Say goodbye to squinting! Our scales come with bright, large LCD screens that display readings clearly, even in low-light conditions, ensuring easy readability for all users.
  • Multiple Weighing Units for Versatile Applications: Flexibility is key. Our digital scales support various units of measurement (grams, ounces, pounds, kilograms, etc.), allowing you to switch seamlessly depending on your specific weighing requirements.
  • Durable Construction for Long-Term Use: Our scales are built to last, featuring robust materials that withstand heavy use and harsh environments. This ensures longevity and reliability whether used in a professional setting or at home.
  • Easy-to-Clean Surfaces for Hygienic Purposes: Hygiene is a priority. With easy-to-clean surfaces, our digital scales prevent contamination and ensure sanitary conditions for all your weighing tasks, from food preparation to lab experiments
  • Portable Designs for Convenience: Mobility matters. Our digital scale selection includes compact and lightweight scales that are easy to transport and store, making them perfect for professionals and hobbyists who need precision on the go
  • Battery and AC Power Options for Flexibility: Never worry about power. We have digital scales for sale that offer dual power options - battery-operated for when you're on the move and AC power for stationary use, ensuring they're always ready when you are.
  • Automatic Calibration and Overload Protection for Reliability: Dependability is non-negotiable. Our scales come with built-in calibration functions and overload indicators to maintain accuracy and prevent damage over time, giving you peace of mind with every use.

Find the Best Digital Scales at Scales Galore

Whether you're upgrading your lab equipment, enhancing your industrial processes, seeking accuracy in culinary creations or monitoring health metrics at home, our digital scales are designed to deliver unparalleled precision. With 24-hour worldwide shipping and dedicated customer support, access to the right tools is always within reach. Once you weigh your options, we're confident you'll see that Scales Galore has the best digital scales for your needs. Order yours today!

Digital Scales: Frequently Asked Questions:

Selecting the best digital scale for your needs can be a straightforward process when you're armed with the right information. To assist you, we've compiled a list of answers to some common questions.

Can Digital Scales Be Calibrated at Home?

Yes, most digital scales come with easy calibration instructions. Check your user manual for specific steps.

What Affects the Accuracy of a Digital Scale?

Factors affecting accuracy include temperature fluctuations, electromagnetic interference, physical shock and improper use. Always use the scale on a stable, level surface for best results.

Are Digital Scales Better Than Analog Scales?

Generally, digital scales are more accurate and easier to read than analog scales. They can also offer additional features like memory functions, which are beneficial for tracking over time.

Digital Scales Are More Accurate and Accessible to Read

Scales Galore, Your Best Choice for Digital Scales

We're one of the largest wholesale suppliers of scales in the US with over 55 years of experience under our belts. Choose Scales Galore for quality digital scales made by respected manufacturers, offered to you at a great price!

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