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Mettler Toledo Excellence D4 30474900 Density meter 3 g/cm3 x ±0.00005 g/cm3

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Developed for a wide range of applications, our intuitive Excellence Density Meters and Refractometers measure almost any sample with a very high accuracy. The modular design of the instruments allows your investment of today to be ready for the demands of tomorrow, adapting to your expanding workflow more ...
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Mettler Toledo Excellence D4 30474900 Density meter  3 g/cm3 x ±0.00005 g/cm3

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Mettler Toledo Excellence D4 30474900 Density meter 3 g/cm3 x ±0.00005 g/cm3
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Mettler Toledo®
SKU: 30474900


One Solution, Multiple Analyses Density and Refractometry Excellence

Developed for a wide range of applications, our intuitive Excellence Density Meters and Refractometers measure almost any sample with a very high accuracy. The modular design of the instruments allows your investment of today to be ready for the demands of tomorrow, adapting to your expanding workflow

  • Density meters Based on the oscillating U-tube principle, our digital density meters guarantee high reliability and maximum precision, with an accuracy of up to 6 digits in density. Measure density, specific gravity as well as many related values, such as % alcohol and Brix, quickly and reliably.
  • RefractometersBrix, refractive index or concentrations of highly volatile, dark or viscous liquids: Our refractometers master quality control of a wide variety of challenging samples.
  • Combined density and refractometry Density and refractive index are frequently determined for the same sample. Save time and optimize your workflow by measuring both parameters simultaneously: Simply connect a refractive index cell to your density meter and synchronize your measurements.

Maximize Your Accuracy Trust Your Results
Having the latest in digital technology means achieving the most accurate results: the precise oscillating U-tube and total refraction technique, coupled with spot on Peltier temperature control, means you can trust your results every step of the way.

  • Measure at the right temperature Precise temperature control right at your fingertips. Whether you need your samples at 15 °C, 20 °C, or even 90 °C, the Peltier thermostat maintains the measurement cell at a constant temperature, enabling highly accurate density and refractive index measurements.
  • Ensure reliable results Sample the right way and ensure flawless density measurements with the integrated video view and automatic bubble detection. Viscosity correction ensures trustworthy results for density measurement of viscous samples.
  • Verify your instrument’s performance Regular calibration with certified and traceable standards ensures accurate measurements. Start verification immediately without the need to manually enter additional texts: simply scan in the barcode on the standard, and run the calibration.

The sky is the limit Measure a variety of samples thanks to the wide measuring and temperature range, while ensuring an accuracy of up to six decimal places in density or five places in refractive index

Keep It Simple Focus on What You Need
Density and refractive index determination has never been so easy! With simple operating routines and an intuitive touch screen user interface, you can perform measurements quickly. Shared across different METTLER TOLEDO Analytical solutions, One Click™ gives easy access to the tasks you need, simplifying your daily work and making you feel right at home.
  • Start your task with One Click Perform your analysis with just one click: Gain quick, simple and direct access to all routine tasks utilizing the shortcut buttons. Thanks to the instrument’s user guidance, your measurement becomes as simple as it gets.
  • Customize your instrument Tailor all instrument settings to your needs with personalized shortcuts and your selected operator language. The user management system allows you to define different levels of access and to protect critical data.
  • Follow the green light One glance is all it takes to check the status of your instrument. The status light will show if the instrument is ready (green), busy (flashing), or waiting for operator interaction (orange).

One Click Quality Control Analysis
Minimize training and operator influence with One Click for fully automatic quality control analysis. Simply press on the product shortcut: measured products are automatically verified with the limits, and the color of the result indicates if specifications are met.

Increase Throughput Automate Your Workflow
Save time, reduce costs and improve operational safety by minimizing the need for operator interaction with the instrument. Increase the quality of your measurement data by automating your workflow: ensure that all steps are performed the same way each time. Increase results repeatability and reliability with fully automatic determination.

  • Automate your sampling Fill and rinse the measuring cell with the SPR200 sampling pump. Utilize the DryPro drying pump for quick and efficient drying of your density meter.
  • Optimize sampling and cleaning The powerful SC1 and SC30 autosamplers automate your workflow with up to 30 samples and – thanks to overpressure sampling – allow for the analyses of all types of samples, including high-viscous ones. Save time and rinsing solution with highly-efficient cleaning
  • Measure demanding samples Nothing is impossible: measure extremely viscous samples, as well as samples that are solid at room temperature with the SC1H and SC30H. Heated up to 80 °C, samples like bitumen or lipstick become fluid enough to be analyzed.

Run multiple samples
Load up to 303 samples on our autosamplers and press start: the system does all the work for you, whether for a single analysis or a multiparameter measurement.

The Perfect Solution Today A Valuable Foundation Tomorrow
Save time and increase data quality. Multiparameter analyses combining density, refractive index, pH, titration, and more prevent the alteration of samples between individual analyses. Results can be displayed directly on the instrument screen, ensuring that all your data is directly at your fingertips

  • Density and refractive index Our space-saving system enables you to combine a density meter with a refractive index cell to measure both parameters in one go.
  • Refractive index and pH or conductivity Combine a pH or conductivity meter with a density meter or a refractometer for multiparameter analysis, e.g. to measure acidity and Brix in fruit juice.
  • Acid-corrected Brix and more Connect a refractometer to a titrator and determine the acid-corrected Brix value. Further instruments are supported with the auxiliary instrument function

Color and more Make the most out of your measurements. Combine simultaneous analyses of density, refractive index, pH and color using only 10 mL of sample. Sample recovery allows the sample to be retained in the vial as a reference for samples such as expensive flavors or fragrances.

Go Digital With LabX™ Software
Future-proof your lab. Much more than just an instrument management software, LabX manages data, instruments, and users and brings your tasks directly to the instrument’s touch screen with bi-directional integration into your ELN, LIMS, or SAP system. Save paper, avoid transcription errors and ensure data integrity.

  • Manage your data Manage methods and view results the way you want to see them. Store all data and metadata in real-time. Create customized reports to display the information you need.
  • Manage your instruments Power your bench by integrating a variety of METTLER TOLEDO Excellence Line instruments on one multiparameter platform. Manage different instruments with one PC software that includes step-by-step user guidance and communication with LIMS and other lab systems
  • Manage your users Customize user roles and define user permissions and rights to protect your methods and data. Enable electronic signatures to sign off on measurements. Ensure secure user authentication with the use of password protection or fingerprint identification.

Ensure compliance
Be ready for audits with our software validation service, which ensures compliance of your LabX system with regulations such as 21 CFR Part 11, EU GMP, and ISO 17025.

Protect Your Investment Trust Our Services
Keep your instruments measuring reliably and accurately. Ensure your daily routines remain efficient and produce high-quality products. We offer onsite service throughout the lifetime of your instrument to ensure maximum uptime and performance

  • EQPac The EQPac comprehensive qualification package fulfills your highest regulatory and documentation needs. With detailed IQ and OQ, PQ and MQ recommendations, initial calibration and basic user training, you can be confident of a perfect start with your new instrument.
  • IPac The IPac standard qualification package for regulated industries confirms the correct installation and functioning of your instrument. The IQ and OQ confirmation, PQ and MQ recommendations, as well as basic user training ensure reliable results and correct operation right from the start.
  • Calibration Make sure your instrument continues to work within specifications and meets your ongoing compliance requirements. Our calibration services use certified and traceable standards and provide a professional and easy-to-read certificate with measurement uncertainty for your audit

Preventive maintenance
Unexpected downtime can significantly reduce your productivity and lead to high costs. Regular preventive maintenance provides the best care for your instrument, letting you plan your costs and minimize periods of expensive downtime

Knowledge is key Gain a better understanding of your application and your instrument. Increasing your expertise will allow you to make the most of your instrument

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Mettler Toledo Excellence D4 30474900 Density meter  3 g/cm3 x ±0.00005 g/cm3
Mettler Toledo Excellence D4 30474900
Density meter 3 g/cm3 x ±0.00005 g/cm3


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Mettler Toledo Excellence D5 30474901 Density meter  3 g/cm3 x ±0.000005 g/cm3
Mettler Toledo Excellence D5 30474901
Density meter 3 g/cm3 x ±0.000005 g/cm3

Mettler Toledo Excellence D6 30474902Density meter  3 g/cm3 x ±0.000001 g/cm3
Mettler Toledo Excellence D6 30474902
Density meter 3 g/cm3 x ±0.000001 g/cm3



Model D4
Density (g/cm3) Measuring range 0–3 g/cm3
Accuracy ±0.0001 g/cm3 ±0.00005 g/cm3 ±0.000005 g/cm3
Repeatability ±0.00005 ±0.000005 ±0.000001
Resolution 0.0001 g/cm3 0.00001 g/cm3 0.000001 g/cm3
>Temperature (°C) 0–95 (32–203 °F)
Accuracy ±0.03 ±0.02 ±0.01
Measurement scales Integrated concentration tables and functions Specific gravity, acid / base scales, chemicals, salt and others scales, Twaddell, light and heavy Baumé
Alcohol: OIML, AOAC, Proof Degree, HM C&E, Gay Lussac
Sugar: Plato, Brix (Emmerich, NBS 113), HFCS 42/55, Invert Sugar, KMW, Oechsle, Babo
Petro: API degrees and gravity tables for crude oils, refined products and lubricants
Up to 30 user-defined concentration tables (can be entered as tables or formulas)
Max. number of methods 200
Integrated pressure sensor Yes
Viscosity correction Yes
Integrated pressure sensor Yes
Automatic bubble detection (BubbleCheck™) Yes
Color coded results identification Yes
User management Yes
Languages EN, DE, FR, IT, ES, ZH, PT, RU, PL
Display / User interface 7" display with color touch screen
Dimensions (W × H × D) mm 267 x 226 x 256
Weight 17.5 kg
Material Number(s) 30474900 30474901 30474902

Automation Order Nr.
Drying pump – DryPro 30474899
Sampling pump – SPR200 30094285
SV3 3-way valve 30474898
SV3 SPR200 Bundle 30474907
InMotion Autosampler Flex 30094290
SC1 – Single Sample Automation 51326000
SC30 – Multiple Samples Automation 51327000
SC1H – Heated Single Sample Automation 51326400
SC30H – Heated Multiple Samples Automation 51327500

Multiparameter Order Nr.
Connecting kit – Refractive Index Cell 51337024
Connecting kit – pH SevenCompact 51337023
Connecting kit – Conductivity SevenCompact 51337022
Connecting kit – Color Konica Minolta CM5/CR5 30025477
Connecting kit – Color Lovibond PFX-8xx/PFX-9xx 51337021
Connecting kit – Color Lovibond PFXi-195 30395922
Auxillary instrument adapter1)
1) USB-RS232 adapter to control external instruments via RS232.

Accessories Order Nr.
LabX PC software – Express 11153130
LabX PC software – Server 11153131
LabX PC software – Instrument license 11153250
Infrared motion sensor – ErgoSens™ 11132601
Waste sensor – LevelSens™ 51109853
Finger print reader – LogStraight™ 51192107
Handheld barcode scanner 21901297
USB-P25 printer 11124301
P-56RUE printer 30094673
P-58RUE printer 30094674
Certified standard – Water 51338010
Certified standard – Dodecane 51338012
Certified standard – Dichlorotoluene 51338013
Certified standard – Bromonaphtalene 51338014

* within the 48 continental US States

Optional Accessories

Mettler Toledo 30330861 Densito Carrying Case
more info
Mettler Toledo 30330861 Densito Carrying Case

Carrying case for the Densito or DensitoPro for safe transportation of your instrument to and from a site. Everything you need to perform your measurements fits into the case: your portable density meter, sample tubes, syringes, adapters, etc. This durable case protects your instrument out in the field
Mettler Toledo 30330864 Bluetooth Printer Godex MX20 with Dongle
more info
Mettler Toledo 30330864 Bluetooth Printer Godex MX20 with Dongle

Wireless printer to print your results, in the lab or on-the-go. Bluetooth dongle included for instrument to printer connection.

  • Whether you are dealing with simple or sophisticated applications, the printer generates fast and clear copies of your results

  • The printer supports the language of the connected instrument
Mettler Toledo 30330853 Densito Syringe/Filling Connector Tube
more info
Mettler Toledo 30330853 Densito Syringe/Filling Connector Tube

When working with viscous samples, this connector acts as an adapter between the Density2Go handheld meter and the syringe, making your work easier.
Mettler Toledo 30330847 Densito and DensitoPro Sampling Tube (190mm)
more info
Mettler Toledo 30330847 Densito and DensitoPro Sampling Tube (190mm)

Filling tube for the Densito and DensitoPro

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