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Mettler Toledo XPR Ultra-Micro and Micro Balances

XPR microbalances incorporate a range of innovative new technologies to deliver the highest accuracy in their class and to help make your micro-weighing tasks simpler, safer and more secure Mettler Toledo XPress® Scales

Mettler Toledo XPR Ultra-Micro and Micro Balances
Mettler Toledo XPR Ultra-Micro and Micro Balances

Mettler Toledo 30416089 Bluetooth USB Adapter for XPR/XSR
Mettler Toledo 30416089 Bluetooth USB Adapter for XPR/XSR, add $166.25

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METTLER TOLEDO’s new XPR microbalances incorporate a range of innovative new technologies to deliver the highest accuracy in their class and to help make your micro-weighing tasks simpler, safer and more secure.

Laboratory projects involving expensive, rare or toxic substances demand that only the smallest possible sample quantities are used. Not only do you have the challenge to prevent waste by weighing out just a few milligrams, but you also need to avoid out-of-specification results and costly reworking

    Valid results guaranteed
  • Minimum weight as low as 30 ìg
  • Repeatability improved by 25%
  • Continuous QA monitoring
  • Balance ready StatusLight™
    Safe operation
  • Small space-saving footprint
  • Two-terminal concept
  • Touch-free operation
  • Easy cleaning
    Efficient processes
  • User guidance
  • Built-in results notepad
  • Customized method library
  • Direct data transfer

Valid Results Guaranteed Because Successful Analysis Starts Here
With precious samples available only in the smallest quantities, you need to get your analyses right first time to avoid wasting material, money and time. Industry-wide standards, such as those from the US Pharmacopeia or Euramet, put extra pressure on laboratories to deliver traceable and compliant results.

Thanks to unique design features, XPR balances deliver unmatched accuracy. In addition, built-in active quality assurance functions give you the peace of mind that your results are valid and meet all your requirements. With fully traceable, valid results you can be sure of satisfying your auditors too.

  • Accuracy is the cornerstone of your success - Even under challenging weighing conditions, XPR microbalances deliver a unique level of precision with exceptionally low minimum weights. The XPR6UD5 offers 0.5 ìg readability with repeatability improved by 25%.
  • Patented cooling delivers top performance - Heat from the electronics at the back of the XPR is removed via the patented Active Temperature Control (ATC™) system. The resulting increase in temperature stability enables the XPR to deliver an outstanding level of weighing performance.
  • Tolerance Profiles ensure traceable results - By setting up Tolerance Profiles you can ensure weighing tasks meet defined quality requirements and regulations. In addition, as the same profile is used each time a specific task is carried out, you can be sure of consistent settings to guarantee traceable results.

Pharmaceutical research and development laboratories typically have just a very small amount of each active ingredient they are investigating, often no more than 50 – 100 mg. As there are many different analyses to be carried out, each substance must be used sparingly. Low minimum weights make the most of such limited and valuable substances

GWP® – The Highest Quality Standard in Weighing
The GWP Approved function actively monitors the balance status and ensures you always weigh within the safe weighing range. The on-screen icon is your reassurance of accurate, reproducible results. Ask us to activate GWP Approved in your balance.

  • Reproducible analytical processes
  • No rework or out of specification results
  • Every audit passed easily.

Safe Operation Because Nothing is More Important
Around half of all microbalances are used to weigh out toxic or potentially hazardous substances, including active pharmaceutical ingredients. User safety guidelines demand that such applications take place in a protected environment, presenting further challenges for microbalance users.

Now, you can save space in your safety cabinet thanks to the XPR’s compact footprint and a main terminal which can be placed away from the balance. Simply setup your task using the modern capacitive touchscreen on the main terminal and carry it out using the basic functions on the smaller SmartView terminal.

  • Sensors reduce cross-contamination risk - SmartSens infrared sensors enable you to operate the draft shield doors with the wave of a hand. This touch-free balance operation reduces the risk of crosscontamination.
  • Two-terminal concept simplifies operation - The SmartView terminal is right where you need it as you carry out your weighing tasks. With on-screen user guidance, all the basic functions you need are at your fingertips: tare, zero, open door and accept weight result
  • New design concept makes cleaning easy - The newly designed draft shield provides easy access to the weighing pan. There are no edges and corners where sample material could become trapped. All parts can be removed, cleaned and replaced in a few simple steps.

Compact footprint saves valuable space
The XPR has the smallest footprint of any microbalance on the market and has the added convenience of being able to place the main terminal wherever it is most easily accessible – even outside your safety cabinet.

Efficient Processes Because Time and Money Matter
Business demands for high sample throughput, as well as accurate and reliable results to deliver to customers, place increasing pressure on microbalance users. XPR balances can support you to complete your tasks efficiently without compromising on accuracy or safety.
The modern capacitive touchscreen with its user-friendly interface allows you to ‘swipe’ through settings and start methods. Data entry for tasks and settings is fast and easy. Your own task methods can be stored and quickly accessed, saving you time and providing higher process security

  • Results notepad simplifies documentation - As you carry out your tasks, all parameters are automatically recorded on the built-in results notepad. You can choose a simple or expanded list and even add your own comments. Simply transfer to a PC or print it out to complete your documentation.
  • Method library ensures consistent processes - To ensure consistent processes, store regularly used task methods in your own method library. Simply touch the method name to access all the details and then start the method. Also suitable for methods which include several samples or a test series.
  • New touchscreen works like your smartphone - The new capacitive touchscreen enables you to ‘swipe’ through your tasks as well as use multiple fingers to type in data. The screen is operable even through thick chemically resistant gloves, such as those in glove boxes

Direct data transfer saves time
You no longer need to record results by hand or spend time typing-in data. Simply transfer task parameters and results to a PC or software application via USB. Transcription errors are completely eliminated and the integrity of your data is preserved.




Mettler Toledo®  XPR2U Ultra-Micro Balance 2.1 g x 0.1 µg
Mettler Toledo®  XPR6U Ultra-Micro Comparator Balance 6.1 g x 0.1 µg
Mettler Toledo® XPR6UD5 Ultra-Micro Balance 6.1 g x 0.5 µg
Mettler Toledo® XPR2 Micro Balance 2.1 g x 1 µg
Mettler Toledo® XPR10 Micro Balance  10.1 g x 0.001 mg
Maximum Capacity (Rotor) 2.1 g x 0.1 µg 6.1 g x 0.1 µg 6.1 g x 0.5 µg 2.1 g x 1 µg 10.1 g x 1 µg
Repeatability 0.15 µg 0.15 µg 0.3 µg 0.5 µg 0.4 µg
Weighing Pan Diameter 16 mm 16 mm 27 mm 27 mm 27 mm
Minimum Weight (USP), Typical 0.3 mg 0.3 mg 0.6 mg 1 mg 0.82 mg
Settling time < 10 s < 10 s < 8 s < 8 s < 8 s
Temperature Range 10 to 30oC
Interface 4 x USB, 1 x LAN
Units of measurement g or mg (depending on the model)
Power supply AC adapter:Primary: 100 – 240 V AC, -15%/+10%, 50/60 Hz Secondary: 12 V DC +3%, 2.5 A (with electronic overload protection)
Cable for AC adapter:3-core, with country-specific plug
Balance power supply:12 V DC +3%, 2.25 A, maximum ripple: 80 mVpp

Model XPR36
Price Mettler Toledo® XPR36 Micro Balance with Electrostatic Detection 32 g x 0.001 mg
Mettler Toledo® XPR36DR Micro Balance with Electrostatic Detection 8.1 g x 0.001 mg and 32 g x 0.01 mg
Mettler Toledo® XPR56 Micro Balance with Electrostatic Detection 52 g x 0.001 mg
Mettler Toledo® XPR56DR Micro Balance with Electrostatic Detection 11 g x 0.001 mg and 52 g x 0.01 mg
Capacity x Readability 32 g x 0.001 mg 8.1 g x 0.001 mg
32 g x 0.01 mg
52 g x 0.001 mg 11 g x 0.001 mg
52 g x 0.01 mg
Repeatability, 5% load (Limit) 0.0015 mg 0.002 mg 0.0015 mg 0.002 mg
Linearity deviation (Limit) 0.012 mg 0.012 mg 0.02 mg 0.03 mg
Repeatability, 5% load (Typical) 0.0007 mg 0.001 mg 0.0007 mg 0.001 mg
Linearity deviation (Typical) 0.005 mg 0.008 mg 0.006 mg 0.01 mg
Sensitivity offset, nominal load 0.06 mg 0.08 mg 0.03 mg 0.03 mg
Minimum weight (k = 2, U = 1%) at 5%) 0.14 mg 0.2 mg 0.14 mg 0.2 mg
Minimum weight (according to USP) at 5%) 1.4 mg 2 mg 1.4 mg 2 mg
Settling time 3.5 s 2.5 s 3.5 s 2.5 s
Included Accessories 1 x ErgoClip Basket small (11106747)
2 x SmartPrep weighing funnel (30061260, 50pcs)
1 x Table set: 1 x Spatula set analytical (30064493), 1 x Brush (158799), 1 x Tweezer 130 mm (11116540)
Calibration Internal
Interfaces RS232, Optional (USB, Ethernet, BlueTooth)
Weighing pan size 40 x 40 MM
Draft shield, W x D x H 85 x 83 x 115m
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