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Model Rice Lake RL1200 IS AND Weighing EK-EP
RL1200 IS RL1200 IS
Price From $3388.00 $1069.50
Capacity x Readability 1000 lb x 0.5 lb
500 kg x 0.2kg
300 x 0.01 g
3000 x 0.1 g
12 kg x 1 g
Size 24 x 18 in dia 110 mm
133 x 170 mm
Type Intrinsically Safe Beam Scale Intrinsically Safe Compact Balances
Legal for Trade YES -
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Series Sartorius
PMA Evolution PMA HD PMA Power PMA 7501-X
PMA-Evolution PMA-HD PMA-Power PMA 7501-X
Price From

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Capacity x Readability 1000 x 0.05 g
7500 x 0.1 g
2200 x 0.01 g 35000 x 0.1 g 7500 g x 0.1 g
Pan Size 233 mm dia 180 mm dia 350 x 240 mm 9" dia
Ex approval/zone Ex Zone 1 Ex Zone 1 Ex Zone 1 Ex Zone 1
Type Intrinsically Safe Paint Mixing Scales Intrinsically Safe Paint Mixing Scales Intrinsically Safe Paint Mixing Scales Intrinsically Safe Paint Mixing Scales
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Series FC-EX FCA-EX PMA Paint Mixing Signum Ex IS Combics Ex
Price From >
Capacity x Readability 16 kg x 0.1 g
8 kg x 0.1 g
34 kg x 0.1 g
34 kg x 0.5 g
64 kg x 1 g
16 kg x 0.1 g
8 kg x 0.1 g
34 kg x 0.1 g
34 kg x 0.5 g
64 kg x 1 g
150 kg x 1 g
300 kg x 2 g
7500 g x 0.1 g 0.62 kg x 0.001 g
3.1 kg x 0.01 g
6.1 kg x 0.01
35 kg x 0.1 g
2.2kg x 0.01g
6.6kg x 0.01g
12kg x 0.1g
16kg x 0.1g
34kg x 0.1g
64kg x 1g
150kg x 1g
300kg x 1g
15 x 0.0005 lb
30 x 0.001 lb
60 x 0.002 lb
150 x 0.005 lb
200 x 0.01 lb
300 x 0.01 lb
600 x 0.02 lb
1500 x 0.05 lb
3000 x 0.1 lb
6000 x 0.2 lb
Pan Size 15.8" x 11.8" 15.8" x 11.8"
32" x 24"
8" dia. 5 inch dia
7.1" x 7.1"
13.7" X 9.7"
8.5" x 8"
15.8" x 11.8"
22" x 18"
10 x 10 in
12 x 12 in
18 x 18 in
24 x 24 in
30 x 30 in
36 x 36 in
48 x 48 in
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(7) Models
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Sartorius PMA-X Explosion Proof Scales for Paint Mixing Scales
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Sartorius PMA7500 Paint-Mixing Scales meet all requirements when it comes to mixing paints fast, reliably and accurately under tough ambient conditions.

Specifications Chart

Sartorius Explosion Proof Scales and Paint Mixing Scales

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The new PMA.Quality paint-mixing scale from Sartorius sets new standards in operation, features and applications. Whether used as a stand-alone scale or connected to a PC or mixing system, the PMA.Quality has the winning features that only a genuine Sartorius paint-mixing scale can offer.

Its enhanced, large 14-segment display provides outstanding viewing quality for showing weights, color components and other information important to the body shop specialist. Even relatively long texts are easy and convenient to read thanks to the scales scrolling text function.

Sartorius PMA7500 Paint-Mixing Scales meet all requirements when it comes to mixing paints fast, reliably and accurately under tough ambient conditions. All components of the compact and rugged housings are resistant to solvents. The round stainless steel weighing pan is easy to clean and features a wrap-around design. This means it has an overlapping rim that protects the weighing system all-around against dirt and spillage. Moreover, the scale is protected against overloads. Whether you operate the display and control unit with thinner-stained gloves or paint-blotched fingers, you won?t have to worry about damaging the keypad overlay. Its advanced, easy to-clean design protects the key labeling from obliteration by paint jobs.

The display unit is backlit and tiltable, allowing easy adjustment to your viewing angle and thus ensuring excellent readouts even under poor lighting conditions. In addition, you can set up the display unit separately as dictated by space requirements.

The keypad overlay features a completely new design, and the operator is guided intuitively by icons familiar from computer technology. Large keys with positive click action let the user know when a key is pressed.

Did you under- or over-pour a component? No problem! With its recalculation feature, the PMA.Quality will quickly and accurately calculate the exact quantities that you need to add so that your formula will be accurate ? to put you on the safe side. You can just as easily use this built-in formula calculator to calculate quantities for paint can sizes that differ from the standard 1-liter size and conveniently pour in the individual components.

On the PMA.Quality, the Dual-Range function enables you to simply increase the reading accuracy to 0.05 g ? over a weighing range of 1,000 g ? which is especially convenient when working with the smallest paint amounts

The overload and side impact protection makes the weigh cell exceptionally resistant to extremely tough environmental conditions. Of course, all parts of the housing are resistant to solvents and are therefore easy to clean. The wrap-around design of the stainless steel pan protects the weigh cell from dirt build-up and paint spillage.

Thanks to its intrinsically safe design, the explosion-protected version of the new PMA.Quality can be safely operated in zone 1 hazardous areas and Class I Division 1 locations without any added and difficult-toinstall safety systems. Just like many of the current Sartorius paint-mixing products, the PMA.Quality can also be safely used in flammable environments (according to HD 384.4.482 S1, T▄V NORD CERT).

Uncompromisingly excellent

  • Large 14-segment display
  • New keypad overlay design
  • Scrolling text function
  • Programmable information displayed during power-up
  • Recalculation function
  • Built-in formula calculator
  • Dual-range scale
  • Display lock function
  • Communication symbol
  • Detachable display unit
  • Housing parts resistant to solvents
  • Serial RS-232C interface port
  • Multi-language setup menu
  • Service available worldwide
  • May be used in flammable environments
  • USB adapter cable (optional)

Approval Information - The PMA7501-X has been tested and approved for use in zone 1 hazardous areas. It was tested by KEMA Quality B.V. according to the harmonized European Standards EN 50014 and EN 50020.
The European Standards previously mentioned are equivalent to Factory Mutual (FM) Approval Standards Class 3600 and Class 3610 as well as the CSA Approval Standards C22.2 No. 0, C22.2 No. 142; and C22.2 No. 157, E60079-0 and E60079-11, according to which this equipment has been tested and approved for the North American market.

PMA7501-X Manual

Model PMA7501-X

Capacity x Readability 7500 g x 0.1 g
Repeatability ▒ 0.1g
Linearity ▒ 0.3g
Platform Size °9"
Platform: rated IP54
Indicator: rated IP40
Applications Unit Toggle, Statistics w/YDP03-0CE, Net-Total, Calculation
Data interface RS-232C

Available Accessories for the Sartorius Explosion Proof Series

Model Description Price  
YDP20-0CE Data Printer with statistics and time/date functions, included cable fits RS232 $1314.00

6906918 Ink Ribbon (fits YDP20-0CE printer) $75.60

6906937 Printer Paper, large size (internal), package of 5 rolls (fits YDP20-0CE printer) $70.30

YCC01-0016M3 Cable, for connecting Sartorius accessories to FC series scales, 9.8 foot, 12-pin round (mail) connector to 25 D-sub (female) connector $398.70

6971413 Power Supply, for YDP03-OCE $83

YPS02-XUR Power Supply, hazardous area (8 ft of intrinsic cable x 8 ft of cable requiring handwiring by licensed electrician) $2369.30

YPS02-ZKR Power Supply, safe area (65 ft of intrinsically safe cable) $1350.00

609308-61 Safe Area Power Supply (supplied with scale), 65 ft of intrinsically safe cable

LD2 Locking Device, anti-theft $85.50

6960EA01 Dust Cover, for Display $23

6960FB01 Dust Cover, for Base

6960LP03 Dust Cover, for Display $37

Sartorius YDP20-0CE Statistical Printer

Sartorius YDP03-OCE Statistical Printer


Sartorius YDP20-0CE Statistical Data Printer
Price - $1314.00

Printer Paper, 5 rolls (6906937), Add $70.30
Printer Ink Ribbon, (6906918), Add $75.60


The YDP20-0CE data printer is designed to receive weighing data from a connected weighing instrument and print it on plain paper (roll width: 57.5 mm), with up to 24 characters per line. The data printer is equipped with a real-time clock. After the printer has been configured according to the required settings, it is suitable for use as auxiliary apparatus in legal metrology.

The following can be computed/printed out:
  • Number of weighing operations
  • Mean value
  • Standard deviation
  • Variation coefficient
  • Minimum value/weight
  • Maximum value/weight
  • Difference between the maximum and minimum value/weight

The YDP20-0CE data printer meets the quality standards of the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, in compliance with the requirements of GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice). In addition to recording individual weighing data, the data printer can generate a statistical evaluation of weighing data. All values transferred from an on-line weighing instrument are stored. The following can be printed out, depending on your printer configuration: ? Number of weighing operations
? Mean value
? Standard deviation
? Variation coefficient
? Lowest measured value
? Highest measured value
? Difference between lowest and highest measured values
? Date and time

Data is transferred either automatically or manually, at the press of a key.


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