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Monthly Specials and Closeout Deals

Super-discounted monthly specials - we've got some of the best scale deals on the internet! We've discounted our digital compact scales and mini scales, our Acculab electronic scales, the Tanita Ultimate series body fat monitors, analytical scales, Detecto doctor scales and more!.

Shipping on all items over $100 is 50% off!
(Standard UPS Ground shipping within the 48 states)

DigiWeigh BX  pocket scales DigiWeigh DW-BX1000 Pocket Scales
Weighs in grams, ounces, troy ounces and pennyweight. Transparent cover can be used as a tray. Large 3.2" x 2.6" platform. Powered by 4 AAA batteries.
- g, oz, ozt, dwt - 1000 g x 0.1 g This Month ONLY $24.95!

Easy Weigh PX-Series Digital Scales

Easy Weigh PX-60-PL Digital Scales
EasyWeigh PX series Digital Scales arehigh Resolution 1/6000 NTEP approved class III legal for trade. AC (included) or rechargeable battery -- battery with over 100 hours of continuous use! Comparator for Hi-Lo check weighing, customizable hold feature. 7 weighing units: lbs, oz, kg, g, pcs, % and lb/oz.

- llbs, oz, kg, g, pcs, % and lb/oz
- NTEP Legal for Trade
- High 1/6000 NTEP Approved class III resolution
- Built in rechargeable battery with over 100 hours of continuous use
- 60 x 0.01 lb (30 x 0.005 kg)
- Optional RS232 port for connection to ECR, PC or serial printer
Regular Price - $199.95
Sale Price - $159.95
Limited Time Special! FREE UPS Ground Shipping!
Seca 700 mechanical medical scale with stadiometer Seca 700 medical scale has a huge 700 pound capacity! Seca 700 Mechanical Medical Scale with Height Rod (lb only)
10-3/4" x 14-1/2" platform, easy to operate and simple to read. Measuring rod measures from 24" to 78" in 1/8" graduations, cast iron base, iron column, easy to read and to operate. Weighs in both pounds and kilograms. Includes casters / wheel set for ease of transport.
- lbs & kg/g
- wheels for portability
- 500 lbs x 0.1 lb

-FREE UPS Ground Shipping

List Price $354 
Now Only  !

Detecto 439 Mechanical Medical Scale

Detecto 439 Mechanical Medical Scale
Includes a height rod that reads in inches and centimeters, Die cast beam can be read from either side, Removable platform cover. 10-1/2 x 14-1/2" platform.
- heavy duty
- maintenance free
- includes height rod
- 450 lb x 4 oz Was $289.95 
NOW ONLY $213.40

Tanita KD-200 digital scales are ideal for food service or portion control

Tanita KD-200-210 Digital Scale
Ideal for food service, office or light industrial use. Splashproof, removable platform offers precision in high humidity, long 800 hour battery life, battery or included AC adapter powered, tare feature, large 7.2" square platform, large 5/8" easy to read LCD display

- g & oz
- splash proof
- tare
- washable, removable stainless steel platter
- 0-1000 g x 1 g (0-35 oz x 0.05 oz) Our normal discount price: $179.95
This month only $94.95!

Acculab ALC series toploading precision lab scales

Acculab ALC-110.4 Digital Lab Scales
RS-232 bi-directional interface standard. 20 weighing modes including g, oz, ozt, lb, ct, dwt, grains, tola, tael, mg, kg, baht, mesgal, plus parts counting, percentage weighing, averaging. Digital filtering helps minimize ambient conditions, stainless steel weighing pans, lock down capability, one button external calibration, leveling bubble.

- RS232
- parts counting
- percentage weighing
- 20 weighing modes

- 110 g capacity x 0.0001 g readability Was $1495
NOW ONLY $1350.00!!
Professional jewelry balances and mini scales

Tangent 103 Digital Pocket Scales
Handy flip-top cover, digital readout and simple 2-button operation. 4 digit 3/8" high LCD display. Weighs in grams only.

- g only - 100 g x 0.1 g only $44.95
FREE Ground Shipping!

Professional jewelry balances and mini scales

Tanita 1479V Digital Mini Scales
4 digit 3/8" high LCD display. Weighs in grams only. Measures only 6-1/8" x 3" x 5/8" and weighs only 6 ounces.

- g only - 120 g x 0.1 g only
FREE Ground Shipping!

Professional jewelry balances and mini scales

Tanita 1479Z Digital Pocket Scales
Weighs in grams, ounces, pennyweight and troy ounces. 4 digit LCD display, low battery indicator, tare and auto off.

- g, oz, ozt, dwt
- tare
- 200 g x 0.1 g
- 7 oz x 0.005 oz
- 6.4 ozt x 0.005 ozt
- 128.6 dwt x 0.1 dwt
Price: $105
Special! Now only
FREE Ground Shipping!
Professional jewelry balances and mini scales

Tanita 1479S-300 Digital Pocket Scales
Available in gold. Weighs in grams, ounces, pennyweight and troy ounces. 4 digit LCD display, low battery indicator, tare and auto off.

- g, oz, ozt, dwt - 300 g x 0.1 g
- 10.5 oz x 0.005 oz
- 9.6 ozt x 0.005 ozt
- 192.9 dwt x 0.1 dwt
only $79.95
FREE Ground Shipping!


Chatillon E-DFE Force GaugeChatillon NexyGen DF software

Capacities from 0.5 to 500 lbs. A compact, easy to use force gauge is designed for economy applications without compromising functionality. The Chatillon DFE digital force gauge is ideal for both hand held and test stand applications. Comes with digital and analog outputs. SAVE $104.95 when you bundle

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