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Ohaus ST230 2 in 1 Glass Muddy Sample pH Electrode

Ohaus Scales  and  Triple Beams
Suitable for normal samples. Use with OHAUS pH meters with BNC input connector and Cinch temperature connector. more ...
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Ohaus ST230 2 in 1 Glass Muddy Sample pH Electrode

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Ohaus ST230 2 in 1 Glass Muddy Sample pH Electrode
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2 in 1 Glass Muddy Sample pH Electrode

This delicate measuring instrument requires proper care and maintenance to produce accurate and reliable results and to prolong useful life. Always keep the electrode moist when not in use for a period of time by using an electrode storage solution (3M KCl). DO NOT store the electrode in distilled or deionized water, as this will cause ions to leach out of the glass bulb and reference electrolyte, causing slow and sluggish response. Remove the electrode gently from the storage bottle and rinse it with distilled water before use. For long-term storage, always keep the electrode in the bottle filled with sufficient storage solution to cover the bulb. Replenish the bottle as needed.

General purpose glass-body refillable pH electrode. Suitable for muddy samples such as juice, milk, etc. Use with all pH meters with BNC input connector.

pH Range 0 to 14 pH 0 to 13 pH -
Temp Range 0 to 100°C 0 to 100°C 0 to 100°C
Shaft Material Glass Glass Stainless Steel
Internal Reference Type Ag/AgCl Ag/AgCl -
Gel/Refillable Refillable Refillable -
Reference Junction Type Annular ceramic Groundglass -
Refilling Reference Electrolyte 3M KCl solution 3M KCl solution -
Shaft Dimensions 4-5/16" x 3/4" 4-3/4" x 3/4" 4-3/4" x 3/4"
Cable Length 3-1/4" 3-1/4" 3-1/4"
Temp Sensor No No Yes
Temp Accuracy - - ±0.3°C
Temp Probe - - NTC 30k
Connector BNC Cinch BNC BNC Cinch

Weight: 1.00 lb
2 Year Manufacture Warranty
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