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HealthOMeter ELEVATE-C, Digital Eye Level Scale w/Allyn Connex Kit

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The Elevate-C EMR scale automatically calculates, displays and transmits height, weight and BMI. These measurements are then instantly loaded into the practitioner’s proprietary EMR/EHR system through the industry leading vital signs monitor. The ELEVATE-C Includes Connectivity Kit for Welch Allyn Connex Kit. more ...
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HealthOMeter ELEVATE-C, Digital Eye Level Scale w/Allyn Connex Kit

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HealthOMeter ELEVATE-C, Digital Eye Level Scale w/Allyn Connex Kit
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Health O Meter
UPC: 854896003085


The Health O Meter Elevate Delivers EMR compliance and Regulations required by the U. S government. EMR compliant means having automatic transmission of weight and height, and automatic calculation & transmission of BMI (body mass index).

The Elevate provides these regulations by real connectivity while still offering the functionality demanded by health care professionals. As of 2014 The U.S. Government will penalized and diminished Medicare and Medicaid payments to any health care provider that is not EMR compliant. Why invest in a scale that is not EMR compliant. Now is the time to start the process of compliant.

When it comes to EMR connectivity can mean several things. Some medical devices are truly connected to their EMRs. These are systems that interface directly with proprietary software. Some scales are EMR Ready, meaning they capture and store information but are not interface with the various EMR software systems.

Elevate Deliver real connectivity; it does this by interfacing directly through the industry leading vital signs monitor underdevelopment. The vital sign monitor is the hub for the patience most common measurements and is directly to their EMR. By having the scale directly connected to the monitor is the simplest Seamless way to feed weight height and BMI data to a patients EMR. Simple to set up, simple to move and simple to use.

The innovative Welch Allyn Connex works with a wide range of Welch Allyn Vital Signs devices to capture and document patient vitals easily and accurately.

Connex system sends the most up-to-date patient vitals data to your EMR records - dramatically reducing the time spent on documentation - reducing errors and minimizing delays.

Welch Allyn Connex Kit features:

  • Connex (USB) Connectivity Adapter; includes 1 ft (0.31 m) USB Cable
  • (connects scale to adapter), 6.6 ft (2 m) USB Cable (connects adapter to device)
  • User instructions

Elevate by Health O Meter delivers the functionality demanded by health care professionals.

Eliminates hassle and risk
Eliminates hassle and risk by digitally calculating and transmitting weight, height and BMI

Speeds Process
Fast and simple digital height rod (patent pending) speeds process

Keeps focus on the patient
Hold/Release function allows medical professional to stay focused on patient

Eliminates prescription errors
LB/KG lockout features eliminates the possibility of RX errors

  • Capacity: 600 lb / 272 kg
  • Resolution: 0.2 lb / 0.1 kg
  • EMR connectivity via USB
  • 1" LCD display, 35 degree left / right swivel (350 degree with height rod fully retracted) for ease of viewing
  • Platform Size: 2-1/2" (h) 14-3/4" (w) x 14-11/16" (d)
  • Digital Height Rod: 28" - 88" / 61 cm - 223cm
  • (2) Wheels for ease of movement
  • 120V adapter included, 6 C-cell batteries not included
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty

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HealthOMeter ELEVATE-C
Digital Eye Level Scale w/Allyn Connex Kit


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