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The Super Count couples the benefits of Setra’s high resolution ceramic sensor with and intelligently designed, full-function keyboard to deliver a high accuracy, easy-to-use counting scale at a surprisingly moderate price.

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The Super Count couples the benefits of Setra’s high resolution ceramic sensor with and intelligently designed, full-function keyboard to deliver a high accuracy, easy-to-use counting scale at a surprisingly moderate price.

The proprietary variable capicitance weighing technology lets the scale display weight changes as minute as 1 part in 125,000. The internal resolution, which is four to ten times greater than the display readability, assures the most accurate counts.

Each of the seven weighting capacities has been carefully designed to protect the sensor from overload and shock. The heavy duty construction and full two year warranty assure consistent performance even when subjected to rough industrial handling.

Whether used for production weighing, inventory control, transaction processing, kitting or quality control, versatility and extremely high accuracy make the Super Count an exceptional value.

Features and Benefits
  • Versatile full-function keyboard allows keyboard entry of the average piece weight (APW), tare weight, and ID. Other functions such as weight/count accumulation, selectable update speed, and multiple units of measure add to the flexibility of the scale.
  • Internal database allows storage of APWs and tare weights or the accumulated count for up to 256 part numbers. By simply keying in the part number, the Super Count immediately recalls the APW/tare weight or accumulated count and is ready to use.
  • Accuracy monitor enables the supervisor to select special settings that check the sampling process and, if necessary, cause the scale to prompt the operator if the number of pieces used in the sample is too small.
  • Programmable RS-232 output with ScriptCoder™ allows up to 10 custom label designs with barcodes to be printed on a thermal label printer.
Setra Super Count Counting Scales

Battery Kits Must be Ordered With Scale

All other Accessories can be ordered separately

Setra 500A  409676 Barcode Scanner
Setra 500A 409676 Barcode Scanner, add $839.21
Setra 409901 RJ45-DB9 CONNECTOR - Scale to PC
Setra 409901 RJ45-DB9 CONNECTOR - Scale to PC, add $65.20

Battery Option Models 404121 404122 404123 404124 404125 404126 404127
Setra Super Count 404121
Setra Super Count 404122
Setra Super Count 404123
Setra Super Count 404124
Setra Super Count 404125
Setra Super Count 404126
Setra Super Count 404127
Capacity x Readability 2.2 x 0.00002 lb 5.5 x 0.00005 lb 11 x 0.0001 lb 27 x 0.0005 lb 55 x 0.001 lb 75 x 0.002 lb 110 x 0.002 lb
1 kg x 0.01 g 2.5 kg x 0.02 g 5 kg x 0.05 g 12.5 kg x 0.2 g 25 kg x 0.5 g 34 kg x 1 g 50 kg x 1 g
Internal Resolution To 1 part in 500,000
COUNTING ACCURACY Selectable from 95% to 99.99%
Units of Measure Pounds, grams, ounces, pennyweights,troy ounces, carats, grains (user definable)
MINIMUM SAMPLE SIZE Selectable from 1 to 999
DISPLAY UPDATE RATE Selectable, up to 5 times per second
Memory Up to 256 records including: part ID, count, average piece weight, tare
COUNTING CAPACITY 999,999 pieces
Data Communications Bidirectional RS232
SELECTABLE BAUD RATES 1300, 600,1200, 2400, 4800, 9600
PAN Stainless steel
OPERATING TEMPERATURES 40°to 100°F (5° to 43°C)
Power Input - 110 VAC/60 Hz - Output - 16.5 VDC @ 1000 ma
Pan Size W x D 5" diameter 6.25" diameter 11" x 14"
Dimensions W x D x H 14" x 15.5" x 6"
Shipping Weight 27 lb 31 lb
Limited Warranty Two years

Super Count Options

  • Remote Scale Option The Super Count can be used as a sample scale for a high capacity bench scale or floor scale. The option accepts input from remote bases that use one to four strain gauge load cells. It includes a 6 pin all metal DIN connector.
  • DYMO Labelwriter Setra 300 Printer With one of the smallest footprints of any direct thermal bar code printer, it will print up to seven barcode fields or 23 text fields on one label. Capable of printing 23 bar code symbologies when connected to the Super II, it defaults to Code 3 of 9. The printer is whisper quiet and accepts labels that are 2.25 inches wide by 1.25 inches or 4 inches in length. The RS232 cable to connect to the Super Count is standard along with a sample roll of three hundred 4 inch labels.
  • Setra 400 Direct Thermal Printer The Setra 400 printer is a high performance, direct thermal barcode printer. The printer features a positive-locking, self-aligning print head mechanism that is perfect for printing shipping labels, retail labels, package labels, and many other types and styles of labels. The printer accommodates roll-form media up to 5 inches in diameter and can be easily adjusted to work with rolls from 1 to 4 inches in width. The Setra 400 offers maximum performance at a market-leading low price.
  • Setra 500 Barcode Scanner Setra’s 500 barcode scanner is durable and ergonomically designed, it is the best value handheld barcode scanner in its class. The 500 has a high intensity aiming line and captures barcodes from as far away as 200 mm. The 500 is easy to aim, it scans barcodes in any lighting environment and scans virtually all 1-D bar codes. The 500 is a very rugged scanner, able to withstand drops onto concrete of up to 1.5 m (4.9 ft), designed for use in industrial environments.
  • Internal Rechargeable Battery For portable operation, the Super Count can be powered by an internal, 12 volt, 2.3 Ah, lead acid battery. When the battery is fully charged, it will operate the scale for a full shift and will recharge when the scale is left plugged into an electrical outlet for several hours.
  • ScriptCoder Label Design Software & Cable Kit simplifies the programming of the RS-232 output through a PC program which converts text and data fields into ASCII codes that can be downloaded into the scale through the RS-232 port.

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