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Doran SFT0006 QC Weigh Software

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QC Weigh allows you to observe plant-wide quality control data from a single PC. Control limits are color-coded so you can quickly identify issues in your production processes. more ...
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Doran SFT0006 QC Weigh Software

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Doran SFT0006 QC Weigh Software
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Key Benefits

View critical QC data in real time.
QC Weigh allows you to observe plant-wide quality control data from a single PC. Control limits are color-coded so you can quickly identify issues in your production processes.

Quality control data that you can trust.
Data is digital and stored in a database for retrieval - eliminating unreliable, handwritten records. Scale operators are prompted to take samples at intervals that you specify.

Easy to configure and use.
QC Weigh is a Windows compatible program that features drop-down menus that are clear and concise. With little effort, you’ll be experiencing the cost savings benefits

Employee Accountability
Using unique operator IDs, scheduled sample intervals with alarms, and data collection ensure that employees are performing quality control tasks.

View Critical Quality Control Data in Real Time
Reducing cost of poor quality begins with actionable data delivered quickly and accurately. QC Weigh software achieves that by capturing quality control data as it is taken and transmits the data to your desktop. Using dropdown menus, you can fi lter the data by several different variables; a few of those variables are date range, product id, product line, and workstation. On-screen display is not the only way QC Weigh displays production data. At an interval that you choose, the software will generate a .PDF formatted report organized by product line, sample number, and product. This report will arrive in your e-mail inbox, delivering your company’s QC data to your desktop or with a smart phone – the palm of your hand. These QC control charts are a valuable snapshot of production performance for that day.

Quality Control Data That You Can Trust
Quality control data is often collected the same way it has been since the beginning of the industrial revolution, using pen or pencil and paper. While this method is easy to perform, it’s known to be inaccurate and the pages and pages of hand scrawled characters, make it almost impossible to spot patterns and pinpoint manufacturing problems. Quite often, handwritten records show that the product is always the same weight, when in reality that is impossible. Missed weighments mean that production equipment is not being adjusted to keep products in tolerance. These quality issues, part of the overall Cost of Poor Quality (CoPQ), can quickly add up to 5-30% of a company’s gross sales. Inaccurate QC forms make the managing and understanding of how to improve product quality an impossible task. Increase your plant’s profi ts with accurate digital records captured and archived by QC Weigh.

Easy to Configure and Use
Configuring QC Weigh and the 2200CW Scale is an almost effortless task thanks to the drop-down menus and easy to understand program prompts. Product parameters for each product and scale operator IDs are entered into QC Weigh. Each product has parameters for checkweigh tolerances, product description, ID, number of weighments, and time between samples. The product data and scale operator IDs are downloaded into the 2200CW Checkweigher that is connected to your Local Area Network (LAN) via Ethernet or Wireless Ethernet. QC Weigh can be installed on Windows PC or a network server. If it’s installed on PC, the standard database can be installed on a network server that is backed up on a regular interval.

During the manufacturing process, the employee responsible for sampling product weight is prompted to enter the product ID and their operator ID. Requiring operator IDs keeps the employee accountable for taking QC weight samples at the predetermined intervals. Management can use these records to track and evaluate employee work performance. When the scale operator logs in, the scale displays the seconds until the next weight sample is required. Once the scale timer reaches zero, the large red LED display will read LATE. In a noisy or busy work environment, the 2200CW can be equipped with an optional external alarm, the scale operator will be notifi ed with a sound or red light tower. For processes requiring multiple samples, the employee is prompted through the process of weighing each sample.

Provides a Fast Return on Investment
Your company will benefi t from a rapid return on investment with QC Weigh. Affordably priced, QC Weigh detects production issues that can have a negative effect on the bottom line. By addressing these issues, the additional profi ts quickly pay for the cost of QC Weigh and the scale equipment. That payback can be as quick as one month. QC Weigh offers the most economical way to meet a company’s needs for quick information on quality, costs, and variables in the manufacturing process.

Discover More about QC Weigh
Call us today at 800-832-0055 to find out how your company can benefit from the QC Weigh quality control system. A Doran Scale representative can arrange to have a demonstration of QC Weigh and walk you through all the features and share with you how others have used QC Weigh to increase their profi ts by improving product quality and reducing manufacturing costs.

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