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Adam Equipment TBB 2610S Triple Beam Balance 2610 x 0.1g

Adam Equipment Balances and Scales
The TBB - Triple Beam series are low cost mechanical balances, which meet the requirements for high precision and reliable weighing in laboratories, schools and industry. more ...
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Adam Equipment TBB 2610S Triple Beam Balance 2610 x 0.1g

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Adam Equipment TBB 2610S Triple Beam Balance 2610 x 0.1g
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Adam Equipment
UPC: 030955636597


  • Without additional Tare bar
  • Low cost and simple to use
  • Magnetic damping for faster stability
  • Rigid construction for durability
  • Zero adjust facility to enable zero reading
  • Notched and tiered graduated beams with centre reading
  • Stainless steel weighing pan
  • Ruler for measuring cm
  • Weight holders for storing additional weights
  • Tripod legs for density determination included
  • Lock down mounting slot for Kensington™ type lock and cable
  • Factory-installed security slot
  • Larger, sturdier body
  • Protractor, ruler and conversion chart
  • Built-in mass holder
  • Positive poise positioning
  • Everything you need for density calculations - tripod legs and weighbelow hook included.
  • Designed to withstand daily use, with rugged construction and a security slot to prevent theft.
  • Outstanding engineering for reliable readings year after year.
  • The only triple beam designed for today applications

    Adam’s patented TBB is today’s best value in mechanical balances from a brand scientists worldwide have trusted for over thirty-fi ve years. The TBB offers the functions and durability needed with a choice of 610g and 2610g models.

    Built tough
    With a larger overall body than other triple beam balances, the TBB is the sturdiest choice. Quality construction with strong metal housing and a stainless steel pan.

    Ready for theft protection
    A factoryinstalled security slot is built right into the housing. Compatible with a Kensington™ – type security lock/cable (sold separately.)

    Better below-balance weighing
    Innovative tripod legs and integral weigh-below hook allow you to do density activities wherever you want without the inconvenience of having to clamp onto a table and create your own make-shift hook. (Legs are standard with 2610g models, an accessory for the 610g model.)

    Reliable readings
    Three graduated-tier beams for the best possible centerpoint readings. Speedy zeroing with counterbalance knob.

    Added value
    With a conversion chart, ruler, and protractor right on the housing, the TBB is a complete measurement tool.

    Model TBB 610S TBB2610S TBB2610T
    Capacity 610g 2610g 2610g
    Readability 0.1g 0.1g 0.1g
    Unit of Measure grams
    Tare Capacity n/a 225g
    10g x 0.1g
    500g x 100g
    100g x 10g
    Front Beam
    Middle Beam
    Rear Beam
    Display Graduated Beam
    Stainless Steel Pan 150mm ø / 6” ø
    Density Tripod Legs Option ? ?
    Warranty 3 years 5 years 5 years

    21.00   Y: 7.00   Z: 9.00
    Weight: 9.00 lb
    Other Adam Equipment Mechanical Triple Beam Balance
    Adam Equipment TBB 610S Triple Beam Balance, 610 x 0.1g
    TBB 610S Triple Beam Balance
    610 x 0.1g

    Adam Equipment TBB 2610S Triple Beam Balance 2610 x 0.1g
    TBB 2610S Triple Beam Balance 2610 x 0.1g


    You are viewing this product
    Adam Equipment TBB 2610T Triple Beam Balance with tare, 2610 x 0.1g
    TBB 2610T Triple Beam Balance with tare
    2610 x 0.1g


    Optional Accessories

    Adam Equipment  700100046 Kensington-type lock and cable
    more info
    Adam Equipment 700100046 Kensington-type lock and cable

    The security lock and cable enables users to secure their equipment in place. Simple to use, the combination lock can be set to a memorable number. Easy-to-use with one hand the lock is designed to be tamper resistant. With a loop on the other end, it can be anchored to a desk, table or any fixed structure.
    Adam Equipment 700100211 Hard Carry Case with Lock  for TBB
    more info
    Adam Equipment 700100211 Hard Carry Case with Lock for TBB

    Adam Equipment 9024 Hard Carry Case with Lock
    Adam Equipment 3021210953 Weigh-below hook
    more info
    Adam Equipment 3021210953 Weigh-below hook

    The weigh-below hook for the Nimbus and Eclipse balances allows for below balance weighing. This allows you to weigh messy samples that might not fit into the weighing chamber. Weighing below the balance does not augment your products capacity.

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