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AND Weighing AD-4212B-PT Pipette Testers, 110 g x 0.1 mg - 31 g x 0.01 mg - 5 g x 0.001 mg

With a balance, software, and accessories all in one carrying case, A&D’s pipette accuracy tester provides everything you need for easy verifi cation of the accuracies of your pipettes. more ...
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AND Weighing AD-4212B-PT Pipette Testers, 110 g x 0.1 mg - 31 g x  0.01 mg - 5 g x  0.001 mg

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AND Weighing AD-4212B-PT Pipette Testers, 110 g x 0.1 mg - 31 g x 0.01 mg - 5 g x 0.001 mg
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AND Weighing
SKU: AD-4212B-PT


Pipette Accuracy Testers

For in-house management and recording of pipette accuracy

Inaccurate pipetting can ruin all your research. However, having scores of pipettes checked regularly by an outside company is unnecessarily expensive. With A&Ds pipette accuracy testers, you can easily determine pipette accuracy by yourself whenever you want, based on any criteria – manufacturers, ISO8655, or even your own.

  • Compliance with ISO 8655 or any other specifications based on the gravimetric method

  • The gravimetric method is the most common way of knowing the performance of variable-volume pipettes, in which pipette volume is determined based on the mass value of distilled water dispensed from the pipette.
  • Select from three models covering a wide volumetric range
  • Easy test and data management with report printing using special WinCT-Pipette software
  • Standard liquid thermometer and evaporation trap to ensure as precise measurements as possible
  • Includes a calibration weight and tweezers for the balance

Evaporation Trap
One of the diffi culties in weighing a small quantity of liquid (e.g. 50 ìL or less) is controlling the environment to minimize errors due to loss of evaporation. The evaporation trap maintains high humidity inside and prevents evaporation of the test liquid. It is no longer necessary to set up and adjust the humidity of an entire room.

Carrying Case
The pipette accuracy tester comes packed neatly in a portable carrying case, which allows for convenient transport to off-site locations.

Product Features

  • Easy test and data management
  • Allows testing in accordance with the tolerances specified in ISO 8655
  • Select from three models covering a wide volumetric range
  • Standard liquid thermometer and evaporation trap to ensure as precise measurements as possible
  • PDF


Setting Specifi cations
Enter the pipette volume and accuracy and repeatability specifications

Measured Values
Displays the mass values transmitted from the balance and the volumetric values obtained using the Z (conversion) factor

Measurement Results
Displays the test results and pass/fail determination

Testing Environment
Enter the distilled water temperature and the barometric pressure to determine the Z (conversion) factor

Leak Tester AD-1690

Most pipette failures happen due to damaged seals, o-rings, pistons or tip-holders compromising the airtightness of the pipettes. With the AD-1690 leak tester, you can instantly determine whether a pipette needs repairing or not. The AD-1690 is designed to test for leakage in small pumps, containers, piping (capacity up to approx. 50 ml), and especially micropipettes.

Quick Testing
Completes leak testing in less than 5 seconds.

Leak Detection by Depressurization*
Changes pressure by evacuating air instead of injecting it, so no dust enters the measured object.

Replaceable Air Filter
Protects the leak tester from dust when it intakes air and is easily replaced.

RS-232C Interface
Outputs data to a PC or an A&D peripheral device such as the AD-8121B or AD-1688.

Three Types of Attachments
Covers three different tip sizes of pipettes, with capacities ranging from 2ìL to 10,000ìL.

Despressurization value -20 kPa ±20% (Fixed)
Pressure tolerance inside intrument +0.2 kPa / 10 seconds
Leak test conditions Pressure tolerance setting: +0.1~+20 kPa (Unit: 0.1 kPa) Monitoring time: From 1 second (Unit: 0.5 seconds)
Pump operation time Up to 6 seconds
Dimensions (W) 9.1 in / 231 mm x (D) 5.0 in / 126 mm x (H) 3.1 in / 78 mm
Weight of the main unit Approx. 0.25 lb / 570 g

Weight: 16.00 lb
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AND Weighing AD-4212A-PT Pipette Testers, 110 g x 0.1 mg
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AND Weighing AD-4212B-PT Pipette Testers, 110 g x 0.1 mg - 31 g x  0.01 mg - 5 g x  0.001 mg
Pipette Testers
110 g x 0.1 mg - 31 g x 0.01 mg - 5 g x 0.001 mg


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Model AD-4212B-PT AD-4212A-PT FX-300i-PT
Weighing capacity 110g / 31g / 5.1g 110g 320g
Minimum weighing value 0.1mg / 0.01mg / 0.001mg 0.1mg 1mg
Dimensions Weighing unit: 80 (W) x 230 (D) x 200 (H)mm
Display (with a stand): 237 (W) x 150 (D) x 155 (H)mm
193 (W) x 262.5 (D)x 190 (H)mm
Carrying Case Dimensions • Instruction manual
• Balance including the weighing pan unit, breeze break, AC adapter and AC adapter ID label
• Calibration weight with a pair of tweezers
• Evaporation trap
• Sample cup with a holder (30 mL x 2 / 5 mL x 2)
• Liquid thermometer
• USB communications kit (USB converter, RS-232C cable, Instruction manual)
• WinCT-Pipette (CD-ROM)
• Carrying case with a shoulder belt and a key
Percent mode 470 (W) x 150 (D) x 355 (H)mm
Weight (With All Accessories in a Case) Approx. 7.6kg Approx. 7.2kg Approx. 6.4kg

* within the 48 continental US States

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