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Precisa PT-SCS Series Laboratory Balances Precisa Balances
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Five high-quality mechanical membrane keys guarantee longevity and a tactile feel with clearly noticeable feedback to the user. The Model 520 PB is also suitable for laboratories, the pharmaceutical, food, light and consumer goods industries as well as production or for pharmacies and jewellery.
Precisa PT-SCS

Precisa PT-SCS

Precisa PT-SCS

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Specifications Chart

Precisa PT-SCS Series Laboratory Balances

Five high-quality mechanical membrane keys guarantee longevity and a tactile feel with clearly noticeable feedback to the user. The Model 520 PB is also suitable for laboratories, the pharmaceutical, food, light and consumer goods industries as well as production or for pharmacies and jewellery.

Wherever precise and demanding routine work is carried out on a regular basis, reliability and user-friendliness are key components. State-of-the-art with an extensive range of applications such as counting, density, animal weighing etc.

Including statistics, a wide range of languages, RS232 and USB interfaces, all current and future requirements are met. It has never been so easy to choose the right balance.

Swiss idea, Swiss development, Swiss production. With over 40 years knowledge and experience, Precisa Gravimetrics AG has developed one of the most important innovations in weighing technology in recent years. The Precisa PHASTbloc™ weighing cell allows you to benefit from this advanced technology and provides a technically perfect, easy-to-use, attractive, economical and sustainable balance.

Touch Screen - Large 6.4” touch-sensitive user interface with an elegant and bright 5” colour display.
As with mobile devices, the balance’s user interface is intuitive and easy to use. Precisa ‘s user-friendly operating concept makes navigation and configuration much easier thanks to the colour scheme.
The desired application is just a fingertip away. The colour logic displays all touchactive surfaces in blue. The “Home” button, which is always available, guides you back to the active application.
Specifications: 6.4" touch-sensitive user interface 5" anti-reflective display Shock and scratch resistant Suitable to operate with laboratory gloves UV resistant Frameless for easy and thorough cleaning.

6 Fixed Key - Six quick-select keys with the most important functions.
To the right and left of the display there are three fixed position touch-sensitive keys. This gives you access at all times to the most important functions: switch on/off, print, application and user screen as well as taring or zeroing.

Context Help - We simplify your life! - Simply touch the help icon and the context help appear on screen. You will find all relevant information, even if you are in an application, the context menu, the user screen or anywhere else. Help is available at the touch of a button! No more tedious and time-consuming browsing through user manuals.

Customize Your Screen - Individual and efficient
The display of the 520 PT series can be fully adapted to suit your requirements. You decide what information is displayed in the notification area.
Six soft buttons can be freely configured in the action bar. Assign the most important functions to them or create a folder with up to four commands. Complex functions and processes are simplified in this way so that you can concentrate on your main tasks.
Nothing stands in the way of simple, efficient and safe work.

User Management - Individual and secure
With the built-in, extensive user management, your balance can be optimally adjusted for up to 15 users
Simply select your profile at the start of work and the balance loads your personal settings.
The balance’s individual configuration is saved in your user profile: whether with full access rights, restricted to a single application or simply with the basic operating settings for right-handed or left-handed users. Each profile can be protected with a unique password.

Electronic Level Indicator - With the built-in electronic levelling, you can be assured that your balance is level at all times. If the balance is no longer level, a message appears on the display. The balance can also be configured so that it can only be operated when level.
To reset the position of the balance correctly, a levelling guide is displayed on the screen. It shows which direction the feet need to be moved.

Communication & Interfaces - Unlimited connectivity
The 520 PT Series meets your communication needs. Whether you already have a LIMS in a paperless laboratory or not.
This balance has a range of standard interfaces:

  • USB type A (host)
  • USB type B (device)
  • RS232
  • 10/100M Ethernet (optional)
  • Wi-Fi (optional)
The integration of your balance into the network, and the connection to a PC or printer is very easy.

    Key Features
  • PHASTbloc™ technology inside: Precisa Hybrid Advanced Sensor Technology, combines the benefits of current weighing cells with monolithic design
  • Robust and durable design: Die-cast aluminum base and sturdy fiberglass-reinforced durable plastic upper part
  • Improved digital filter: Eliminate external effects of environmental noise, air turbulence and ground vibration
  • 5" Touch screen, high resolution: UV-, shock and scratch resistant, anti-reflective, approved to operate with standard laboratory gloves, frameless for perfect and easy cleaning
  • Large 6.4" touch-sensitive user interface with 6 fixed keys: The color logic displays all touch active surfaces in blue
  • User interface to customize: You decide what functions you need and the information what is displayed
  • Context help: Simply touch the help icon and the context appears on screen
  • Stability indicator: Indicates measurement faults and negative influences of the environment with real-time stability prediction
  • Electronic level: Electronic observation of levelling anytime and easy adjustment with visual support
  • Self-calibration system, fully automatic (optional): Ensures maximum measuring accuracy
  • Human interface device (HID): Turns your balance into a keyboard what transfers the weight values directly and with no typos to the PC without installing any software
  • USB (flash drive): To transfer weight values or reports to a PC if the balance is not already connected by WLAN/WiFi
  • Enhanced Connectivity standard with suite of connectivity at rear of machine. Including WIFi, Bluetooth, USB, RS232 and Ethernet.
  • Made in Switzerland
  • Internal Calibration - No need for Calibration Weight
  • Human Input Device - Able to Customize for various Users
  • >Underweigh Hook - Calculate Density*, use for Odd Shaped Sample
  • Checkweighing - Set your HI Limits and LO Limits
  • Alphnumeric LCD - Flexibility to set User ID's, Sample Name, Checkweighing
  • Touch Screen - Flexibility for different Options w/out reading a manual
Integrated Functions:
  • Piece-counting
  • Percentage
  • Net total
  • Add up
  • Various weight unit
  • Animal weighing
  • Statistics
Series PT 120A SCS PT 220A SCS PT 320M SCS PT 620M SCS PT 2200C SCS PT 4200C SCS PT 6200D SCS
Price Precisa PT 120A SCS Analytical Laboratory Touch Screen Balance 120 g x 0.1 mg
Precisa PT 220A SCS Analytical Laboratory Touch Screen Balance 220 g x 0.1 mg
Precisa PT 320M SCS Milligram Laboratory Touch Screen Balance 320 x 0.001 g
Precisa PT 620M SCS Milligram Laboratory Touch Screen Balance 620 x 0.001 g
Precisa PT 2200C SCS Percision Laboratory Touch Screen Balance 2200 x 0.01 g
Precisa PT 4200C SCS Percision Laboratory Touch Screen Balance 4200 x 0.01 g
Precisa PT 6200D SCS Percision Laboratory Touch Screen Balance 6200 x 0.1 g
Capacity x Readability 120 x 0.0001 g 220 x 0.0001 g 320 x 0.001 g 620 x 0.001 g 2200 x 0.01 g 4200 x 0.01 g 6200 x 0.1 g
Recommended Minimum Load 20 mg 200 mg 10 g
Repeatability (Std.Dev.) 0.1 mg 1 mg 0.05 g
Linearity 0.2 mg 1.5 mg 0.1 g
Sensitivity Drift ± 0.3 mg ± 3 mg ± 0.03 g
Sensitivity Drift <2 sec
Pan Size 3.54" Ø (90 mm Ø) 4.73" Ø (120 mm Ø) 7.32" x 7.32" (186 mm x 186 mm)
Calibration Internal Calibration
Normal Operating Environment 50°F to 85°F (10°C to 30°C) at 85% RH Non-Condensing
Ultimate Operating Environment 0°C to 40°C at 70% RH Non-Condensing for SCS Equipped Units
Weighing Units g, mg, GN, dwt, ozt, oz, ct
Available Languages English, French, German, Spanish
Tare Range 100% Subtractive
Power Source AC/DC Adapter 100–240 VAC Input, Output 12 VDC
Construction ABS & Stainless Steel
Display 6.3" x 3" / 160 mm x 77 mm
Draft Shield Internal Dimensions 6.75" x 7.79" x 9.17"
172 mm x 198 mm x 233 mm
6.7" Ø x 1.77" Tall
170 mm Ø x 45 mm Tall
Overall Dimensions 12.79" x 7.95" x 13.38"
325 mm x 202 mm x 340 mm
12.88" x 7.87" x 5.40"
325 mm x 200 mm x 136 mm
12.8" x 7.9" x 3.6" / 325 mm x 200 mm x 91 mm
Connectivity USB, HID, Mini-USB, Wi-Fi (Option), Ethernet (Option)
Net Weight 14 lb / 6.35 lb
Shipping Weight 21 lb / 9.52 lb
Country of Origin Switzerland
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