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Doran PC500 Portion Control Washdown Scale Adam Equipment
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The PC-500 features IP66 water resistance to allow for thorough sanitizing. The 8.5 x 8.5 Inch stainless steel platter can be easily removed and sanitized. Operates on standard alkaline batteries for 1,000 hours of continuous use

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The PC-500 features IP66 water resistance to allow for thorough sanitizing. The 8.5? x 8.5? stainless steel platter can be easily removed and sanitized. Operates on standard alkaline batteries for 1,000 hours of continuous use. The auto shut-off feature will turn off the scale when it?s not being used. An AC adapter is available as an option.

Doran leads the way with the PC-500, an IP66 washdown safe and rugged scale. The result of more than 30 years of design experience, the innovative PC-500 delivers a scale that tackles harsh environments of Washdown, Foodservice, and Industrial applications. Long battery life and a sleek, low profile design makes the PC-500 a perfect solution for your weighing needs.

Wasdown Safe IP66
The PC-500 features a soft silicone seal that protects against washdown spray and allows a high level of accuracy.

1000% Overload "Quad Spring"
The PC-500 includes our field proven, exclusive "Quad Spring" platform protection design that provides 1000% overload defense, eliminating damage from shock and overload damage.

Battery Powered
1,000 hour battery life using alkaline batteries. The auto shut-off feature will power down the scale when not in use. An AC adapter is available as an option
Doran PC500
Legal for Trade Washdown Scale

Price: $382.50

Doran SFT002 Excelerator Software for Patient Weight Data Collection , add $355.50

Doran PC5OPT01 Power Supply 115V UL and UlLc Approved, add $39.00

Doran PC5OPT02 Power Supply 230v CE Approved, add $39.00

Doran PC5OPT03 RS-232 Cable 9-Pin Female Connector for PC500 Scales, add $39.00

Doran PC5OPT04 Remote Zero Foot Switch Washdown IP68 Rated with 8' cable, add $135.00

Doran PC5OPT05 Remote Zero Foot Switch non-Washdown , add $85.00

Legal for Trade

Standard Model PC500-05 PC500-10 PC500-25 PC500-50
Doran PC500-05 General Pu
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Doran PC500-10 General Pu
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Doran PC500-25 General Pu
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Doran PC500-50 General Pu
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Rear Display Model PC500-05-Rear PC500-10-Rear PC500-25-Rear PC500-50-Rear
Doran PC500-05-Rear Gener
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Doran PC500-10-Rear Gener
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Doran PC500-25-Rear Gener
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Doran PC500-50-Rear  Gene
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Capacity x Readability 5 x 0.002 lb 10 x 0.005 lb 25 x 0.01 lb 50 x 0.02 lb
2.2 x 0.001 kg 4.5 x 0.002 kg 11.3 x 0.005 kg 22.7 x 0.01 kg
80 x 0.05 oz 160 x 0.1 oz 400 x 0.2 oz 800 x 0.5 oz
Legal for Trade CC# 09-032 Class III
Washdown rating IP66
ACCURACY +/- 0.002 lb (1 g) +/- 0.005 lb (2 g) +/- 0.01 lb (5 g) +/- 0.02 lb (10 g)
Computer Interface Bi-directional RS-232 (standard)
Display LCD 0.66? High - Wide Viewing Angle
Controls: Zero, On/Off, and Units
Indicators lb, kg, g, oz, lb:oz, Motion, Low Battery, and Center of Zero
Units lb, kg, g, oz, or lb:oz
Power DC Power Standard
Alkaline batteries, 1000 hour life
Optional 115V AC Adapter with 8 cable
Platter Size 8.5" x 8.5"
Warranty One Year Parts & Labor
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