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Professional Body Composition Analyzers
Are the basic Body Fat Monitors not technical enough for you? Are you an athlete or health freak realizing that only calculating your body fat percentage isn?t enough? What you?re seeking is one of our Professional Body Composition Analyzers to help you properly calculate everything that you need. include body weight, body fat percentage, lean body mass, hydration, BMI and more more ..

Healthcare professionals across the world use our Pro Body Composition Analyzers to measure their patients' nutritional health. These reliable, digital medical scales measure body fat, muscle mass, bone mass, and body water percentages. They also calculate a Body Mass Index (BMI) measurement. With manufacturers like Detecto and Tanita ScalesGalore offers you the highest quality Body Fat Analysis Scales at the most competitive prices.

Professional Body Composition Analyzers

Model Rice Lake D1000-1 Rice Lake D1000-2
Rice Lake D1000-1 Rice Lake D1000-2
Price $2335.50 $2335.50
Capacity x Resolution 440 x 0.2 lb 440 x 0.2 lb
200 x 0.1 kg 200 x 0.1 kg
Platform size 14.5" x 14"
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Seca Body Composition Analyzer
Model Seca 514 Seca 554 Seca 804 Seca 525




Capacity x Readability 330 x 0.1 lb
660 0.2 lb
800 x 0.1 lb 330 x 0.2 lb -
Dimensions (WxHXD) 976 x 1251 x 828 mm 23.6 x 18.4 in(base)
33 x 94.0 x 25.6 in
300 x 46 x 300 mm -
Type Full mBCA Medical Grade Body Fat Mass and Body Water. Full mBCA Medical Grade Body Fat Mass and Body Water. Basic Body Fat and Body Water Portable Medical Body Composition Analyzer
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Model BCS-G61-upper BCS-G6-adult BCS-G6-DUO BCS-G6-limbs
Capacity x Resolution 1000 x 0.1 lb
453.5 x 0.1 kg
1000 x 0.1 lb
453.5 x 0.1 kg
1000 x 0.1 lb
453.5 x 0.1 kg
1000 x 0.1 lb
453.5 x 0.1 kg
Type Upper Body Only (The adult upper-body-only configuration provides a partial body composition analysis for patients who do not want to remove their shoes and socks) Adult Body (The whole-body, adult only scale is ideal for practices that exclusively see patients 18 and over) Adult and Pediatric (The whole-body adult/pediatric version is a good choice for providers who see adults and children) Adult Including Limbs (The adult segmented version provides patients with body composition information about their torso as well as specific information about the composition of their arms and legs)
Platform Size (inch) 14h (w) x 16h (d) x 1.875h (h)
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Click here for a handy chart to compare all of the Tanita Pro Body Composition Analyzers

Tanita Health Management Software

Tanita Health Management Software
With its' patient history window, the software displays a summary of all patient data including vital signs and records can be edited. The bar and pie charts provide reports for clear patient communication and motivation. The fitness plan development options include helping patients plan ideal diets and  exercise plans and schedules.

Padded carrying case for Tanita scales

Tanita C-300 Padded Carrying Case
for TBF-310GS Tanita body composition analyzers. Nylon bag with reinforced shoulder straps. Extra compartment inside for equipment and outside for literature

Dimensions: 18" W x 9.5 D x 14" H $175
Height Rod

Tanita HR-200 Height Rod 
This easy-to-mount height rod is simple-to-use and built for many years of use. Plus, the retractable design and folding headpiece stores in a compact footprint when not in use.

- 24" to 83" x 1/16" (610 to 2120 mm x 1 mm) $165

WARNING:  Not for use with individuals having a pacemaker or other internal medical device.

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