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Sartorius LMA Mark 3 Moisture Analyzers Sartorious balances and weighing products
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Sartorius Mark 3 is a flexible moisture analyzer system for labs and production facilities. Its optional modular add-ons provide the best solution for every measuring task.
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Sartorius LMA Mark 3 Moisture Analyzers

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Mark 3 is a flexible moisture analyzer system for labs and production facilities. Its optional modular add-ons provide the best solution for every measuring task.

Its high-resolution weighing system also makes the Mark 3 HP suitable for precisely analyzing the moisture and water content of very dry samples. This feature makes it a genuine alternative to Karl-Fisher titration.

With its resolution of 0.01%, the Mark 3 LTE has been optimized to achieve good reproducibility in routine measurements.

Fast Quick measuring times give you greater flexibility and let you adapt your production processes fast. Flexible Whether your samples are solid, liquid or pasty, the Mark 3 LTE can variably analyze moisture contents ranging from 1.00% to 99.90%. Neither does it matter if you intend to carry out 3 or 300 measurements a day. Easy Even inexperienced users can reliably operate the Mark 3 intuitively and easily. Thanks to effective password protection, access can be restricted to pure measuring functions. The press of a button starts the measurement.
    Areas of Application:
  • Foodstuffs
  • Chemical products
  • Biomass & water purification
  • Building materials
  • Paper, pulp and composites
  • Cosmetics
  • Paint and coating
  • Agricultural products
    Economical and reliable alternative to the drying oven
  • Intuitive operation – With a learning curve of a few minutes
  • The user starts the measurement by pressing just one button
  • Robust and fast, optimal for routine operation
  • Multi-module operation enables parallel measurements of up to 2 different samples on one single device
  • Sartorius weighing technology meets the highest demands in the lab or in-process
    Equipment Supplied
  • Inter-module cable
  • Power module cable
  • Power cord
  • Tweezers
  • Sample pans
  • Operating instructions manual
    Addition for Mark 3 LTE with printer:
  • Roll of paper
Model LMA110-SET-P LMA100-SET-P
Price Sartorius LMA110-SET-P Infrared Moisture Analyzer with Printer 40 x 0.001 g
Sartorius LMA100-SET-P Infrared Moisture Analyzer with Printer 100 x 0.0001 g
Capacity x Readability 40 x 0.001 g 100 x 0.0001 g
Reproducibility 1 mg 0.1 mg
Calibration External Internal or External
Display of results 0.01%
Reproducibility of the measurement Starting at an initial sample weight of approx. 1 g: ± 0.2%
Starting at an initial sample weight of approx. 5 g: ± 0.05%
Method of measurement Loss on Drying
Recommended moisture range 1.00–99.90%
Heat source Four parallel infrared quartz cylinders
Modular configuration Optional up to 4 heater modules connectable
Internal printer Optional internal thermal printer, 40 character graphic
Temperature range and adjustment 30–210°C in one-degree increments
Temperature steps Programmable, one or two
Standby temperature Standby temperature selectable from 30–160°C
Temperature display Display of target temperature and actual temperature during the measurement and in standby mode
Measured value display Weight loss in mg
% moisture
% dry weight
% volatiles
% moisture/dry weight
Modes of operation Standard Test or Concentration mode
Endpoint determination Timer mode, value falls below a defined weight loss per time unit (%/min), trend shutoff
Program storage 60 programs, fail-safe storable
Data storage Storage 999 results with statistics: average, SD, RSD, high and low
Temperature adjustment Optional fixture for internal electronic two-point-adjustment
Adjustment of the weighing system External manual
Ideal initial weight Audio and visual display for programmable target sample weight addition
Initial sample weight lock Lockable initial sample weight for optimal repeatability
Pass-Fail-function Programmable target value including limiting values, pass-fail-information after the measurement
Sample-ID Numeric, numeric incrementing, alphanumeric or turned off
User management 20 users password protected storable
Password protection Password protection against undesired adjustment of parameters
Languages English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese
Date and time settings dd|mm| yy, mm|dd| yy, 12 h- or 24 h-format
Saving mode Integrated clock timer to switch on and turn off the analyzer Programmable sleeping mode after a longer period of non-use
Display Illuminated VGA-display
Parameter and data input Sealed membrane witht audible tactile feedback
Real-time curves Real-time curves of the loss in weight (% or gram) as well of the temperature pattern during and after the measurement
Acoustical signals Key stroke, ideal weight met and end of test, selectable on or off
System status indicator lights Two tri-color LEDs (balance & heater) on front of heater module
Data input|output Serial and Ethernet
Printout of the protocol Internal thermal printer, 40 character graphic
Printout format Configurable printout: selectable header (3 lines), analyzer info, operator, Sample ID, calibration info, program name, program parameters, interval print, weight info, result and signature line
Weighing system Monolithic weighing system for high-precision results
Balance spill protection Reservoir under draft shield to collect liquids, powders or pellets
Operating conditions 15–40°C (59–104°F) | 10–85% rel. humidity, no condensation
Power requirements 90-250 VAC 50|60 Hz self-adjusting power supply
Housing dimensions (W+D+H) 41.3 x 49.5 x23.5 cm (164 x 191 x 94 in) modules combined
Weight 10 kg (22 lbs.) modules combined
Warranty 2 years
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