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Mettler Toledo® MS Semi-Micro Analytical Balances
MS Semi-Micro Balances are equipped with high-precision weighing cell from METTLER TOLEDO that provides up to 5-place readability and guarantees constant accuracy, precise results and fast settling times over the entire weighing range. Mettler Toledo® XPress® Scales

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Specifications Chart

Precise Results

MS Semi-Micro Balances are equipped with high-precision weighing cell from METTLER TOLEDO that provides up to 5-place readability and guarantees constant accuracy, precise results and fast settling times over the entire weighing range.

With two buil-in weights, combined with FACT (Fully Automatic Time and Temperature controlled internal adjustment), the MS Semi-Micro Balances carry out adjustment and linearization automatically.

Space Saving Save working space with split draft shield doors that do not project beyond the balance, and sideways mounted connectors at the back of the balance.

Mettler Toledo® MS Semi-Micro Analytical Balances

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Efficient Handling

The clever ErgoDoor draft shield saves time: you can simultaneously open the door with one hand, while using the other to place your sample.

An intelligent menu guidance in your language makes operating the MS Semi-Micro Balances very easy and the large brilliant numbers allows error-free reading, even from a distance or at an awkward angle.

Robust construction ensures durability

The robust housing protects the weighing sensor to guarantee consistency and precision year after year. It is resistant to most chemicals, including acetone.

Quick to convert for pipette testing Convert your balance into a pipette-testing station by installing an evaporation trap. The built-in application guides you through the process.

Easy to clean Remove, clean and reinsert all of the QuickLock draft shield glass panels in just a few simple steps without tools and without moving the balance.

    MS Semi-Micro Analytical Balance Features

  • HRT weighing cell - With two built-in weights, for constant accuracy over the entire weighing range
  • FACT - Fully automatic time- and temperature controlled internal adjustment
  • Diagnostics - Easy execution of balance diagnostics e.g. keypad and repeatability tests
  • ErgoDoor - The right door can be opened from the left side and vice versa
  • SmartTrac - Shows how much of the entire weighing range has been used
  • SmartKeys - Programmable keys for shortcut acces to preferred applications
  • QuickLock - Fast and convenient dismantling of the draft shield
  • Connectivity - RS232 to connect to PC, printer or bar code reader; USB to connect to PC
  • Protection - Balance settings can be password protected
  • Protective Cover - Encloses the entire balance housing to protect against stains and scratches
Semi-Micro Analytical - 0.01 mg - 0.1 mg Specifications Chart
Model MS105
Price Mettler Toledo® MS105 Sem
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Mettler Toledo® MS105DU S
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Mettler Toledo® MS204 Sem
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Mettler Toledo® MS205DU S
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Capacity x Readability 120 g x 0.01 mg 42 g x 0.01 mg
120 g x 0.1 mg
220 g x 0.1 mg 82 g x 0.01 mg
220 g x 0.1 mg
Weighing Pan Diameter 80 mm
Repeatability (at nominal load) 0.04 mg 0.08 mg 0.09 mg 0.08 mg
Repeatability (typical) 0.015 mg 0.015 mg / 0.05 g 0.05 mg 0.015 mg / 0.05 g
Setling time 8 s 4 s / 8 s 4 s 4 s / 8 s
Minimum sample weight (acc. to USP) 30 mg 100 mg 30 mg
Calibration Internal / FACT
Display High contrast display (HCD)
Interface RS232 and USB
Linearity +- 0.1 mg 0.15 mg 0.2 mg 0.2 mg
Linearity (typical) 0.06 mg 0.1 mg 0.06 mg 0.06 mg
Housing Die-cast aluminum, plastic PA-12
Power AC Power supply
Temperature accuracy (±) 0.0002 ppm/°C

0.1 mg Dimensions (in mm)

Dimensions 0.1 mg

1 mg Dimensions (in mm)

Dimensions 1 mg

Precision - 0.01 g and 0.01 g Specifications Chart
Model ML802T/00
Price Mettler Toledo® ML802T/00
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Mettler Toledo® ML1602T/0
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Mettler Toledo® ML3002T/0
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Mettler Toledo® ML4002T/0
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Mettler Toledo® ML6002T/0
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Mettler Toledo® ML3001T/0
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Mettler Toledo®  ML6001T/
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Capacity x Readability 820 g x 0.01 g 1620 g x 0.01 g 3200 g x 0.01 g 4200 g x 0.01 g 6200 g x 0.01 g 3200 g x 0.1 g 6200 g x 0.1 g
Legal for Trade Model ML802T/A00
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820 g x 0.1 g 1620 g x 0.1 g 3200 g x 0.1 g 4200 g x 0.1 g 6200 g x 0.1 g 3200 g x 1 g 6200 g x 1 g
Repeatability 0.01 g 0.01 g 0.01 g 0.01 g 0.01 g 0.1 g 0.1 g
Weighing Pan Diameter 170 x 190 mm
Repeatability (at nominal load) 0.007 g 0.1 g
Repeatability (typical) 0.08 mg 0.06 g
Setling time 1.5 s 1 s
Minimum sample weight (acc. to USP) 14 g 120 g
Minimum sample weight (U=1%, k=2) 14 g 12 g
Calibration Internal / FACT
Display 4.5" color TFT touchscreen
Interface RS232, USB Device, USB Host
Linearity +- 0.02 g 0.06 g
Housing Die-cast aluminum, plastic ABS
Power AC Power supply and battery operation
Temperature accuracy (±) 3 ppm/°C
Applications Back-weighing, Check weighing, Counting, Density, Dynamic weighing, Factor weighing, Formulation, Percent weighing, Totaling, Weighing

0.01 g and 0.1 g Dimensions (in mm)


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