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AND Weighing Apollo High Capacity Balances

AND Weighing
The occurrence of accidents, such as those that follow, whether expected or unexpected, can cause serious damage to your balance or problems with your measurements. The new A&D Apollo High Capacity, GX-M/GF-M series, is designed to provide excellent protection from these accidents, preventing loss due to downtime while also guaranteeing maximum productivity
AND Weighing Apollo Scales
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The occurrence of accidents, such as those that follow, whether expected or unexpected, can cause serious damage to your balance or problems with your measurements. The new A&D Apollo High Capacity, GX-M/GF-M series, is designed to provide excellent protection from these accidents, preventing loss due to downtime while also guaranteeing maximum productivity.

Common accidents in weighing 1: Spillage
Weighing of powder or liquid materials for filling, formulating, etc., always carries a risk of spillage, which could damage the balance.
IP65 dust and waterproof A&D Apollo High Capacity balances, which are IP65 rated, permit no ingress of dust, and can withstand water projected from any direction, as defined by the IEC/EN standard 60529.

Common accidents in weighing 2: Impact shocks
The weight sensor of a high-precision balance will be damaged if continually affected by loads with acceleration (impact shocks). This typically occurs in factories where objects are placed roughly by machines or operators onto balances. In addition, impact shocks can easily shift values and cause errors.
Impact shock detection (ISD)
A&D Apollo High Capacity balances visualize the magnitude of impact shocks received by the weight sensor at four levels. Also, one beep is emitted if a Level 3 shock is received, and two beeps are emitted if a Level 4 shock is received (both of which should be avoided). Shock-Log
While the power is on, up to 50 impacts of Level 3 and Level 4 will be stored in the balance with a timestamp (and log-in user information when the password lock function is used).
*1 This function is especially beneficial for quality managers, as it enables them to check and show how their balances were treated during use.
Cushioning mechanism
The two leaf springs that support the weighing pan mitigate impact shocks significantly

Common accidents in weighing 3: Power failure
Power supply may be interrupted suddenly in the middle of measurement, spoiling your work.
Tare memory
When this function is activated, the tare value is saved in non-volatile memory, and the net value displayed before the power failure occurred is restored once the balance is turned on again. This also allows for the balance to be turned off during weigh-in or loss-in-weight measurement when necessary. Auto power ON/OFF
The weighing mode display is automatically activated when AC power is supplied, so there is no need to press the ON/OFF key as the power comes back on, which is useful when the balance is part of an automated weighing system. Meanwhile, the balance can be set to switch off the display automatically after 10 minutes of inactivity to save power.

Common accidents in weighing 4: Misuse
People may change the balance configuration or sensitivity without permission.
User access control (UAC) and key lock A&D Apollo High Capacity balances can be password-protected in two ways: The first way is to limit use to authorized individuals (up to 11 including one administrator—the administrator can perform all operations while other users are limited to measurements and calibration*2 only) by setting a password for each user. The second way is to set a password for just the administrator, allowing anyone else to use the balance without entering a password, but for measurements and calibration*2 only.
Moreover, upon receiving a command to disable its keys, the balance becomes operable only by sending commands from an external device, such as a PC.
*2 The administrator can inhibit calibration also so that others can perform measurements

Accuracy and precision management
Automatic self calibration (ASC)*3
To ensure accuracy at all times, models with an internal weight (i.e. GX-M series) can be set to calibrate themselves automatically either (1) in response to change in ambient temperature to prevent error due to sensitivity drift, (2) at a set interval time, or (3) at predetermined (up to three) times of the day. Internal calibration can also be performed any time with one key press.
*3 Available for the GX-M series

Automatic precision assessment (APA)
In APA, the balance first makes quick diagnoses on whether there is a critical failure (Dia-Check), and then shows a repeatability test result (Standard Deviation) as well as the minimum weight (QuickMin-S) calculated using an electronically controlled load (ECL).*4 It only takes 1.5 minutes and can be readily included in a daily check SOP.
*4 ECL is A&D's patented technology of generating a minute load (0.3 to 3% of the balance capacity) by purposely altering the equilibrium state of the electromagnetic force restoration sensor.

A&D Weighing Apollo
Precision Balances


Only with order of scale
AND Weighing GXM-04 Comparator relay output/buzzer/RS-232C
AND Weighing GXM-04 Comparator relay output/buzzer/RS-232C, add $414.10
AND Weighing GXM-06 Analog Output / 4-20mA interface
AND Weighing GXM-06 Analog Output / 4-20mA interface, add $483.80
AND Weighing GXK-12 Animal Weighing Pan
AND Weighing GXK-12 Animal Weighing Pan, add $799.50
AND Weighing GXK-31 Draft Shield
AND Weighing GXK-31 Draft Shield, add $114.75
AND Weighing AX:073007197A Protective In-Use Cover
AND Weighing AX:073007197A Protective In-Use Cover, add $25.00
Other Options
AND Weighing TB:648 120V/220V AC Adapter
AND Weighing TB:648 120V/220V AC Adapter , add $46.50
AND Weighing AD-100-2 Anti-theft Device
AND Weighing AD-100-2 Anti-theft Device , add $83.70
AND AD-1682 Rechargeable Battery Pack
AND AD-1682 Rechargeable Battery Pack, add $656.00
AND Weighing AD-1684 -Electrostatic Field Meter
AND Weighing AD-1684 -Electrostatic Field Meter , add $1,470.50
AND Weighing -AD-1687 - Weighing Environment Logger
AND Weighing -AD-1687 - Weighing Environment Logger, add $878.85
AND Weighing- AD-1688 -Weighing Data Logger
AND Weighing- AD-1688 -Weighing Data Logger, add $302.40
AND Weighing AD-8127 Compact Multi-Function Printer
AND Weighing AD-8127 Compact Multi-Function Printer, add $757.50
AND Weighing AD-8526-25:Serial / Ethernet Converter
AND Weighing AD-8526-25:Serial / Ethernet Converter, add $483.60
AND AD-8920A Universal Remote Display
AND AD-8920A Universal Remote Display, add $236.25
AND AD-8922A Remote Controller
AND AD-8922A Remote Controller, add $532.50
note: Only one of GXM-04, GXM-06, GXM-27, or the standard (RS-232C and USB) interfaces can be used.

Automatic minimum weight calculation and implementation
You can enter the minimum weight into the balance by either direct key input, using the result of QuickMin-S, or having the balance calculate it from 10 repeated measurements of an actual, external weight (the tolerance can be set to either 0.1% pursuant to USP Chapter 41, or 1%). Further, to ensure that the measured sample amount meets the minimum weight requirement, the balance can display an alert until the sample amount reaches the value entered as the minimum weight (Min-S Alert).*5
*5 Only when g is selected as the unit of measure

Data output/communication
RS-232C and USB interfaces as standard
The USB interface can be toggled between Quick USB mode (plug-and-play with weighing data output to a PC only) and Virtual COM mode (for bi-directional communication*6) using the internal settings. A USB cable (1.8 m) is provided as standard.
*6 For PCs with a Windows version other than Windows 10, a special driver downloaded from the A&D website needs to be installed

Universal Flexi Coms (UFC)
This function enables customization of printout content and layout by editing and sending commands to the balance (a dedicated software, WinCT-UFC, is available as a free download). Following the commands, the balance creates data to be output to either a printer capable of dump printing, such as the AD-8127 compact printer, or a commercially-available label printer*7 for barcode printing.
*7 A label printer that supports ZPL or ZPL II (ZPL and ZPL II are registered trademarks of ZIH Corp.)

Gross/Net/Tare output
Upon receiving a command, or with key operation, the balance can also output the gross, net, and tare values

Special application function Flow rate display (FRD)
The balance can calculate and display/output the mass flow rate (the unit of measure can be selected from g/s, g/m or g/h), or the volume flow rate (mL/s, mL/m or mL/h) by entering the density of the material,*8 by itself. This function makes flow rate measurement much easier and more precise than manual calculation using a stopwatch. A dedicated graphing software, WinCT-FRD, is available as a free download.
*8 Up to 10 densities can be saved to the balance.
The balance indicates whether the flow rate is maintained within the designated limits (either 3 levels or 5 levels). The results can be output using the optional GXM-04 interface.

GXM-04 *9*10 - Comparator relay output/buzzer/RS-232C/external key input interface
GXM-06 *9*10 - Analog (0-1/0.2-1 V) output/RS-232C interface
GXK-012 - Animal weighing pan
GXK-015 - Carrying case
GXM-27 *9*11 - Bluetooth® interface

  • *9 Only one of GXM-04, GXM-06, GXM-27, or the standard (RS-232C and USB) interfaces can be used.
  • *10 The GX-M/GF-M series are not IP65 with GXM-04 or GXM-06.
  • *11 Please contact your local A&D representative to find out whether GXM-27 is certified for compliance with Bluetooth® communication laws in your country.


  • AD-1682 - Rechargeable battery unit
  • AD-1684A - Electrostatic field meter
  • AD-1687 - Weighing environment logger
  • AD-1688 - Weighing data logger
  • AD-8127 - Compact printer
  • AD-8526 - Serial/Ethernet (TCP/IP) converter
  • AD-8920 - Remote display
  • AD-8922A - Remote controller
  • AX-USB-9P - Serial/USB converter with cable
  • AX-KO2737-500 - Waterproof RS-232C cable (5 m)

With External Cal GF-8202M GF-8202MD GF-10202M GF-12001M GF-22001M GF-32001M GF-32001MD
AND Weighing GF-8202M Hig
AND Weighing GF-8202MD Hi
AND Weighing GF-10202M Hi
AND Weighing GF-12001M Hi
AND Weighing GF-22001M Hi
AND Weighing GF-32001M Hi
AND Weighing GF-32001MD H
With Internal Cal GX-8202M GX-8202MD GX-10202M GX-12001M GX-22001M GX-32001M GX-32001MD
AND Weighing GX-8202M Hig
AND Weighing GX-8202MD Hi
AND Weighing GX-10202M Hi
AND Weighing GX-12001M Hi
AND Weighing GX-22001M Hi
AND Weighing GX-32001M Hi
AND Weighing GX-32001MD H
Capacity x Readability 8.2 kg x 0.01 g 2.2 kg x 0.01 g
8.2 kg x 0.1 g
10.2 kg x 0.01 g 12.2 kg x 0.1 g 22.2 kg x 0.1 g 32.2 kg x 0.1 g 6.2 kg x 0.1 g
32.2 kg x 1 g
Repeatability (standard deviation) 0.01 g 0.01 g / 0.05 g 0.01 g 0.1 g 0.1 g 0.1 g 0.1 g / 0.5 g
Linearity +0.03 g +0.02 g / +0.1 g +0.03 g +0.2 g +0.2 g +0.2 g +0.2 g / +1 g
Stabilization time (typical when set to FAST) Approx. 1.5 seconds
Sensitivity drift (10 to 30 oC/50 to 86 oF, when automatic self calibration is OFF) +2 ppm/oC +3 ppm/oC +2 ppm/oC +3 ppm/oC +3 ppm/oC +3 ppm/oC +5 ppm/oC
Accuracy immediately after internal ca libration (for the GX-M series)*ii +0.15 g +0.3 g +0.3 g +1.0 g +1.0 g +1.5 g +3 g
Operating environment 5 to 40 oC (41 to 104 oF), 85%RH or less (no condensation)
Data memory 200 weighing results + 50 calibration results (with timestamp), 50 unit masses for counting mode, 20 sets of upper/lower limit values for comparator mode, and 20 tare values
Display refresh rate 5 times/second, 10 times/second, or 20 times/second
Units of measure g (gram), kg (kilo gram), oz (ounce), lb (pound), lb-oz (pound-ounce), ozt (troy ounce), ct (metric carat), mom (momme), dwt (pennyweight), gr (grain), pcs (counting mode), % (percent mode), SG (density mode), and a user-programmable unit
Counting mode: Minimum unit mass 0.01 g 0.1 g 0.01 g 0.1 g 0.1 g 0.1 g 1 g
Counting mode: Number of samples 10, 25, 50 or 100 pieces
Percent mode: Minimum 100% reference mass 1 g 10 g 1 g 10 g 10 g 10 g 100 g
Percent mode: % readability 0.01%, 0.1% or 1% (depends on the reference mass stored)
Communication interface RS-232C and USB
Applicable calibration weight value 2 kg, 3 kg, 4 kg, 5 kg, 6 kg, 7 kg, 8 kg 2 kg, 3 kg, 4 kg, 5 kg, 6 kg, 7 kg, 8 kg, 9 kg, 10 kg 5 kg, 10 kg 5 kg, 10 kg, 20 kg 10 kg, 20 kg, 30 kg
Weighing pan size 270 x 210 mm
External dimensions 300 (W) x 355 (D) x 111 (H) mm
Net weight GX-M: Approx. 9.3 kg / GF-M: Approx. 8.3 kg
Dust and waterproof rating IP65
Power supply / consumption AC adapter / approx. 30 VA
Standard accessories Display cover, AC adapter, USB cable (1.8 m), Simple breeze break (for the GX/F-8202M, GX/F-8202MD, and GX/F-10202M only)
  • *i Smart range function: Automatically switches between the precision and standard ranges, and recovers the full precision range with a press of the RE-ZERO (tare) key.
  • *ii Under a stable environment: No rapid temperature/humidity change, vibration, draft, magnetism, static, etc., between 10 oC and 30 oC (50 oF and 86 oF). The mass of the internal weight may vary with age.
  • *iii One additional unit from tael (Singapore/HK jewelry/Taiwan), tola, or Newton can be added upon request. Grain is not available with the GX/F-32001MD.
dims 2


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