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NCI 7815 / 7815R Series Shipping Scales NCI Mailing and Shipping Scale Products
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The NCI Model 7815 is a digital electronic parcel bench scale specifically designed for shipping applications and is legal for trade.

7815 9503-16444
Internal display

7815R 9503-17293
Remote Display

Specifications Chart

The NCI Model 7815 is a digital electronic parcel bench scale specifically designed for shipping applications and is legal for trade.

The NCI Model 7815R has a standard RS-232 serial interface that enables it to be easily connected to a computer or other data processing device

  • Display Controls: ZERO: Includes Auto Zero Tracking and manual push button to re-establish zero reference. TEST: Runs a diagnostic test to ensure scale is fully functional, and allows a real-time view of internal settings.
  • Remote Display Bracket: Front mounted, using velcro strips to attach the remote display to base. Available on Model 7815R only.
NCI 7815 / 7815R Series Shipping Scales

NCI 1148-15833 Power Supply (230 VAC) European for Model 7815, add $20.00

NCI 1076-15767 Stainless Steel Platter for Model 7815, add $40.00

NCI 9570-13474 MR4KB Scale to Keyboard Wedge Decoder for Model 7829, 7885, 7815 , add $156.00

NCI 7200-14837 12 inch Pole for Remote Display for Model 7815, add $52.00

Specifications Chart

  • Construction: ABS plastic weight platter, die cast loadbridge, built-in overload protection, adjustable center stop, fixed corner stops and painted die cast aluminum base.
  • Field Calibration: Alternate span points can simplify field calibration by using less than full capacity weights. Can be setup as either decimal-pound or kilogram
  • RS-232 Cable: Included with each scale, DB 9-pin, null modem, female connector allows you to connect to a PC.
  • Emulation Protocols: Standard NCI default with field configurable settings of 3825. This allows you to select compatible scale communication settings or scale drivers during field installation when interfacing with shipping software programs or host devices.
  • ReCal: Allows you to change scale resolution or rounding method without the use of calibration weights.

Model 7815 9503-16444 7815R 9503-17293 7815R 9503-17294
NCI 7815 Series 9503-1644
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NCI 7815R Series 9503-172
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NCI 7815R Series 9503-172
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Capacity x Readability 150 lb x 0.05 lb 150 lb x 0.05 lb 150 lb x 0.05 lb
75 kg x 0.02 kg 75 kg x 0.02 kg 75 kg x 0.02 kg
Capacity x Readability
Legal For Trade
150 lb x 0.1 lb 150 lb x 0.1 lb 150 lb x 0.1 lb
75 kg x 0.05 kg 75 kg x 0.05 kg 75 kg x 0.05 kg
Legal For Trade Class III
NTEP CC# 00-96
Computer Interface RS232 RS232 RS232
Platter Type Flat ABS Plastic Stainless Steel Ball Top Flat ABS Plastic
Platter Size 12" x 14" 12" x 14" 12" x 14"
Construction Stainless steel or ABS plastic weight platter. Die-cast aluminum base and loadbridge.
Display 12.5" L x 14" W x 4.2" H
318 mm (L) x 358 mm (W) x 104 mm (H)
Dimensions 1/2" high, six digit LCD
Power 120 VAC (+10% -15%), 60 Hz, standard 3-wire ground
Operating Environment 42° F to 104° F (5° C to 40° C)
Input/Output RS-232, bi-directional, confi gurable 2400– 9600 baud. Transmits weight and scale status whenever a “W” command is sent.

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