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Sartorius Genius ME-Series Semi Micro Analytical Scales

Sartorius Micro and Ultra Micro Balances: ME-5, SE-2 & MC21S

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Offer valid January 2, 2011 through December 31, 2011
Purchase a Sartorius ME, SE, Cubis Balances and get your choice of:

  • Statistical Printer (YDP20-0CE) - $1314.00 Retail Value
  • Software Wedge Pro. (YSW06) - $607.75 Retail Value
  • Granite Platform with Isolators (21201315/24201621)- $693.88 Retail Value
  • Cal-Pak Calibration Weights - $500.00 Retail Value

Sartorius Genius ME-Series Semi Micro Analytical Balances

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Shipping Weight: 40 lbs


Sartorius Micro and Ultra Micro Balances: ME-5, SE-2 & MC21S Sartorius ME. Analytical balances with the highest credentials.

Sartorius ME semi-micro analytical balances are highly proficient at performing the core tasks of analytical weighing with incomparable speed, stable accuracy and reliability.

Incomparably Fast

An outstanding feature of the Sartorius ME series micro balance is speed, stable radouts with five decimal places in just eight seconds. This scorching speed puts the Sartorius ME at the top of the class of analytical balances.

Operation of the Sartorius ME draft shield is also designed for fast weighing. Controlled by palm-operable keys or by custom programming, the draft shield closes quietly, precisely and quickly. It's opening and closing position can be adapted as required.

Built-in software supports all key weighing applications in the lab. As a result, this ensures smooth, time-saving lab procedures and reliable results

  • Imcomparably fast readouts
  • Three-part, motorized draft shield system
  • User-friendly palm-activated keys for draft whield operation -- optional foot switch for applications where you need your hands free
  • Built-in application software
  • Removable control unit

Sartorius Micro and Ultra Micro Balances: ME-5, SE-2 & MC21S Incomparably Stable Accuracy

Repeatability of the weights measured is an additional strength of the Sartorius ME. Plus, the results are just as stable as the robotically etched 21st century weigh cell on the Sartorius ME. For accuracy every time, all the time.

The Sartorius ME analytical balance is amazingly impervious to the ambient conditions of the surrounding environment. Interfereing static electricity on samples and tare containers can be neutralized at the touch of a key.

The clearly structured control unit on the ME is an intelligent interface between the user and the balance: 100% input, 100% feedback, 100% output.

  • Impervious to ambient conditions
  • Neutralized static electricity
  • Operator guidance prompts in plain text
  • Alphanumeric sample IDs

Sartorius Micro and Ultra Micro Balances: ME-5, SE-2 & MC21S Incomporably Reliable

Sartorius ME stands for reliability, year in, year out. That's why the Sartorius ME comes with a three-year warranty that can be extended upon request for up to a total of five years.

The Sartorius ME features a 21st century monolithic weigh cell that only Sartorius provides. This monolithic technology is vastly superior to that of conventional weigh cells. Manufacturing tolerances and deformation that inevitably occur when more than 100 or more individual parts of different materials are used in conventionally produced weigh cells are practically eliminated in the monolithic weigh cell. The monolithic weigh cell is robotically etched from a single block of high-grade aluminium. For this reason, it offers unique conditions for unlimited and durable weighing accuracy.

  • Unique monolithic weigh cell
  • Software support for use in quality management systems
  • SQmin function for displaying the allowable minimum sample weight according to the United States Pharmacopeia (can be activated by Sartorius Service)
  • Display of the uncertainty of measurement according to the German Calibration Service DKD
  • ISO | GLP compliant, user-configurable records and printouts
  • Anti-twist weighing pan (for automated weighing sequences)

Features & Applications :

  • Sartorius Micro and Ultra Micro Balances: ME-5, SE-2 & MC21S Weighing Units: grams, kilograms, carats, pounds, ounces, troy ounces, milligrams, grains, pennyweight, tlh, tls, tlt, tlc, mom, K, tol, bat, MS and parts per pound
  • Applications: Mass unit conversion by toggling,counting, weighing in percent, animal weighing, recalculation, calculation, density determination, differential weighing, air buoyancy correction, air density determination, checkweighing, time-controlled functions, totalizing, formulation, statistics, 2nd tare memory, identification codes, 300 product data memory
  • Display Update: 0.2 - 0.4 seconds depended upon filter level selected
  • Display: High contrast LCD with backlit graphical display
  • Allowable Ambient Operating Temperature: 5° C to 40 ° C (41° F to 104° F), 85% RH or less
  • Sensitivity Drift (10° - 30°C/50°F-86°F): ± 1 ppm / °C
  • Interface: Two standard ports - bi directional RS-232 port & printer port; Optional - RS-2329-contact connector (PC) plus a 5-contact DIN (keyboard or barcode scanner); Optional - RS485 (12-contact round int) 5-contact DIN (keyboard or barcode scanner)
  • Power Source: AC Adapter 120 VAC included with scale
  • Power Consumption: approximately 16VA (supplied by AC adapter)


Model Price Readability Capacity Reproducibility (+/-) Linearity (+/-) Pan size
ME235S $9605.00 0.01 mg 230 g 0.015/0.025 mg 0.1 mg Ø 90 mm / 3.5"
ME235P $8393.75 0.01/0.02/0.05 mg 60 / 110 / 230 g 0.015/0.04/0.04 mg 0.15 mg Ø 90 mm / 3.5"
ME235P-SD $8857.00 0.01/0.02/0.05 mg 60/110/230 g 0.015/0.04/0.04 mg 0.15 mg Ø 90 mm / 3.5"
ME614S $8325.75 0.1 mg 610 g 0.1 mg 0.4 mg Ø 90 mm / 3.5"
ME414S $7484.25 0.1 mg 410 g 0.1 mg 0.3 mg Ø 90 mm / 3.5"
ME254S $6749.00 0.1 mg 250 g 0.07 mg 0.15 mg Ø 90 mm / 3.5"


Accessories for the Sartorius Genius ME Balances

Model Description Price  
YDP20-0CE Data Printer with statistics and time/date functions, included cable fits RS232 $1314.00

6906918 Ink Ribbon (fits YDP20-0CE printer) $75.60

6906937 Printer Paper, large size (internal), package of 5 rolls (fits YDP20-0CE printer) $70.30

YTC01 T-Connector for Data Transfer Software, fits RS232 $281.35

YCC01-USBM2 RS232 (25-pin) to USB Connecting Cable $280.80

YFS01 Foot Switch with T-Connector, for remote control of print, tare, cal, F, CF or toggle key $463.25

YHS02 Hand Switch with T-Connector, for remote control of print, tare, cal, F, CF or toggle key $514.25

LD2 Locking Device, anti-theft $85.50

YRD11Z Indicator, Red-Green-Red, for over/under checkweighing, fits RS232C and checkweighing software, 9 foot $660.45

YPE01RC Foot Switch with T-Connector, open/close door, tare, print $794.31

6565-250 Weighing Boats, Aluminum (4.5 mg), 0.5 x 0.2 x 0.1 inches, 250 per pkg $97.11

6565-50 Weighing Boats, Aluminum (52 mg), 1 x 0.3 x 0.3 inches, 50 per pkg $94.50

YIB01-0UR Ionizing Blower (neutralizes static charges) for use on samples prior to weighing (on any balance) $1830.60

YSTP01 Stat Pen, neutralizes static electricity on samples $1935.90

69US0094 Static Master $88.20

24201621 Granite Platorm, 16 x 21 inches, with vibration isolators $1279.80

YDK01 Density Kit (does not include software) $1198.80


Sartorius YDP20-0CE Statistical Printer

Sartorius YDP03-OCE Statistical Printer


Sartorius YDP20-0CE Statistical Data Printer
Price - $1314.00

Printer Paper, 5 rolls (6906937), Add $70.30
Printer Ink Ribbon, (6906918), Add $75.60


The YDP20-0CE data printer is designed to receive weighing data from a connected weighing instrument and print it on plain paper (roll width: 57.5 mm), with up to 24 characters per line. The data printer is equipped with a real-time clock. After the printer has been configured according to the required settings, it is suitable for use as auxiliary apparatus in legal metrology.

The following can be computed/printed out:
  • Number of weighing operations
  • Mean value
  • Standard deviation
  • Variation coefficient
  • Minimum value/weight
  • Maximum value/weight
  • Difference between the maximum and minimum value/weight

The YDP20-0CE data printer meets the quality standards of the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, in compliance with the requirements of GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice). In addition to recording individual weighing data, the data printer can generate a statistical evaluation of weighing data. All values transferred from an on-line weighing instrument are stored. The following can be printed out, depending on your printer configuration: ? Number of weighing operations
? Mean value
? Standard deviation
? Variation coefficient
? Lowest measured value
? Highest measured value
? Difference between lowest and highest measured values
? Date and time

Data is transferred either automatically or manually, at the press of a key.



Sartorius Micro and Ultra Micro Balances: ME-5, SE-2 & MC21S Sartorius Micro and Ultra Micro Balances: ME-5, SE-2 & MC21S

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