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Intelligent Weighing Technology OIP-100 Impact Printer

Intelligent Weighing Technology, Inc
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 Intelligent Weighing Technology OIP-100 Impact Printer

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Intelligent Weighing Technology OIP-100 Impact Printer
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Intelligent Weighing Technology
SKU: 26-OIP-100A-AC1


  • Works with all IWTI scale or balance
  • Supports Precisa GLP reports
  • 40 char/line - to support printed reports
  • Permanent ink with replaceable ink ribbon
  • Uses readily available paper and ribbons
  • Built-in self-test setting and diagnostic printout
  • DIP switch for RS232 settings, select/feed button
  • LEDs (Power, Select) and slide on-off switch
  • 100-240 VAC (50-60Hz) power supply (US plug)
  • Serial cable with DB9F connector
  • Roll of 1ply and 2ply pape

Weight: 9.00 lb


OTP-200 OIP-100
Printer Type Thermal (no-ink) RS232 line printer Impact (ink ribbon) RS232 line printer
Scales supported Any IWTI scale or balance with RS232 printing
Characters per line and Font Size 24,32,42, 48 character/line (user adjustable) ARIAL 16, ARIAL 12, ARIAL 9, ARIAL 8 40 character/line, fixed 9x8 dot matrix font Character size, 1.08 x 2.4mm, space 1.19mm, similar to font, ASCII 9 pt 12345678
Print Speed 2.0 lines / sec, nominal 1.8 lines / sec, nominal
Media Change Fast and Easy - open lid, drop-in, close lid. Stepwise with care – remove lid, cut media straight, place spindle, feed media through ribbon, replace lid.
Noise in operation Quiet – paper advance motor only. Moderate – print chatter and paper advance
Supplies Required Media only Media and printer ribbon cartridge
Media Supported
  • Thermal roll paper (standard or archive quality)
  • Thermal roll label, MAXStick® “Removable”
  • Printer roll paper (1ply)
  • Printer roll paper, original plus copy (2ply)
Print image lifetime Archive paper-7 year, MAXStick roll label-12 year.
(Thermal print storage requirement on web site)
Inked original is considered at least 7 year. Image life for copy not specified - fade is typical.
Operating Environment Operating, 0° to 50°C
Storage, -20° to 60°C
Operating, 0° to 40°C, RH 35-85% (non-condensing)
Storage, -20° to 60°C, RH 10-90% (non-condensing)
Dimensions 3.3 x 6.0 x 2.2 inch, (85x152x56mm) 4.2 x 8 x 5 inch, (106x180x130mm)
Weight 0.9lbs (400g) 1.3lbs(470g)
RS232 Settings 9600, N, 8, 1 - standard IWTI ship setting. Also available: Baud (300-11520), Data bits (7,8) Start bit (1), Parity (N,E,O), FC (N, HW, SW) 9600, N, 8, 1 - standard IWTI ship setting. Also available: Baud (1200-19200), Data bits (7,8) Start bit (1), Parity (N,E,O), FC (DTR-printer busy)
Power AC adapter, 100-240 VAC (50-60Hz), US plug Battery version - available as special order AC adapter, 100-240 VAC (50-60Hz), US plug Not available in battery version
Printer Kit includes
  • RS232 Thermal Line printer
  • AC power supply
  • Cable – printer (RJ11) to DB9F, 3 ft. min.
  • Media (full roll, Paper-7yr, Label-12yr)
  • Thermal head cleaner pen and Manual
  • RS232 Impact Line printer
  • AC power supply
  • Cable – printer (DB25) to DB9F, 3 ft. min.
  • Media (full roll, Paper-1ply, Paper 2ply)
  • Ribbon cartridge and Manual
ANY printer purchased with ANY IWTI RS232 scale or balance – will be setup, configured, cabled, and tested as system. See PRINTER TO SCALE Configuration for more details.
Media Size

Media Supplies - Technical and Supplier Specifications

  • Paper (7yr), 2 ¼ " (58mm) wide x 82ft/roll
  • Label roll (12yr), 2 ¼ " (58mm) wide x 50ft/roll
  • Paper, 2 ¼ " (58mm) wide
  • Copy paper (2ply), 2 ¼" wide
Use of other media types and suppliers.
  • Most commercial (right sized) good quality thermal paper may be suitable.
  • 48mm max diameter, any core size - no spindle
  • Only MaxStick roll label media recommended.
  • Other roll label media may damage printer mechanism and void manufactures warranty.
  • Most commercial (right sized) good quality impact print paper may be suitable.
  • 80mm max diameter, core ID 12mm +/- 1mm
  • Total thickness, 0.13 mm or less.
  • Note: Not all commercial 2 ply papers provide sufficient legibility with OIP-100 on second copy
  • If printer purchased with IWTI scale: Printer is setup, tested, configured with purchased scale, re-tested with scale, shipped with all cables
  • If printer purchased after IWTI scale: purchased Printer is setup, tested with matched stock scale, and shipped with cables. Field scale will need printer configuration. IWTI Scale Model and SN must be on purchase order.
  • If printer purchased for non-IWTI scale: Printer is setup, tested with any IWTI scale, and supplied cabled from printer to DB9F connector. Cable, adapters, and configuration are expected to be required. Cable and adapters may be purchased or user-supplied. Configuration is dealer or end-user responsibility. IWTI support is limited to printer.

* within the 48 continental US States

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