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Chatillon Grips for Food Testing

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Chatillon Ball Probes

BA-Series Ball Probes, 110 lb capacity

These ball probes are ideal for food texture analysis including hardness/softness testing. Probes are available in a variety of diameters and have a standard 6mm screw fitting.

Applications: The ball probe can supply a uniform compression force distributed at a normal angle to the surface area of the specimen and provide an averaging effect over the local area being tested.

Chatillon Cone Probes

CO-Series Cone Probes, 110 lb capacity

Cone Probes are supplied with a range of angles, from 15° to 90°. Selecting the appropriate cone is often dependent upon the testing standard be used or based on the consistency of the material being tested.

Applications: Cone Probes have been used for many years, and are commonly used to determine the spreadability of dairy products such as butter, margarines and other spreadables. Cone Probes are often used in pharmaceutical and cosmetic testing and on building products including mastics and sealants.

Chatillon Cylinder Probes

CY-Series Cylinder Probes, 110 lb capacity

The principle of the cylindrical probe is that as the probe is forced into the specimen, a shearing force action causes the sample to deform or rupture. The result curve showing load resulting from deformation.

Applications: Cylindrical probes have traditionally been used as general purpose compression probes and primarily for applying a deformation to a gel structure to determine the gel strength and elasticity. The Bloom value is a recognized standard for quoting gel structure strength


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