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Dillon Ap and APxtreme Dynamometers - Compare the Models

Low Capacity: 10,000 lbs and under
Medium Capacity: 15,000-20,000 lbs
High Capacity: 30,000 lbs and above

Model AP


Price and Delivery

Price Range



Typical Delivery

In stock to 3 days

3 days to 2 weeks

Factor of Safety

Minimum ultimate factor of safety

varies from 3:1 to 5:1 depending on capacity

5:1 in all capacities

Visual Identifiers


Traditional Dillon dial face

Gray APxtreme label attached

Serial Plates

"D" precedes the S/N

"PL" precedes the S/N. All S/N's above 500,000

Size and Weight

Low capacity headroom loss / instrument weight

12.5" / 9 lb


Medium capacity headroom loss / instrument weight

12.5" / 9 lb

15.6" / 14 lb

High capacity headroom loss / instrument weight

29" / 64 lb (30-50K) 48" / 266 lb (100K)

26" / 60 lb (30-50K), 34" / 165 lb (100K)

Pressure bar details

Pressure bar ends



Material for 500, 1000, 2000 lb pressure bars

7075-T651 Aluminum

Certified & Traceable E4340 Aircraft Quality Steel

Material for all other capacities

E4340 Aircraft Quality Steel

Certified & Traceable E4340 Aircraft Quality Steel

Pressure bar finish

Gray powdercoat paint

Electroless nickle plating


Installed in pressure bar OR in shackles

Installed in pressure bar only


Shackle type

Anchor or closed-ball teardrop style

Exclusively anchor shackles

Shackle spacers required


On medium and high capacities

Non-destructive examinations and Proof Loads

Non-destructive examinations

Batch examinations using dye penetrant or magnetic particle particle inspection (magnaflux)

Every pressure bar is inspected using magnetic particle inspection (magnaflux)

Proof Loads

Not certified
Prood load prior to magnaflux.

Each pressure bar is subjected to 150% proof load prior to first calibration

Carry case / storage crate

Carry case or crate in all capacities

No, optional in 10" low and medium capacities


Medium capacity case

Plastic case for 5", optinal steel for 10"

Wood crate for both 5" and 10" dials

Certificates included

Calibration certificate

General card signed and dated by operator (full curve of readings certificate is optional)

Certificate showing 8-10 point curve of readings based on 3 runs. Signed & dated

Certificate of conformance




Klaxon alarm or auto control switch options



Newton capacities



Frequently Asked Questions

Why offer two models of mechanical dynamometers?

As the leader in dynamometers, Dillon has been asked by many large companies and government agencies to produce custom versions of the model AP to comply with their stringent requirements. Since many of the needs were similar, Dillon found that they could solve most of the special requests with a second product line, the APxtreme dynamometers.

Who are the typical APxtreme customers?

Dillon has sold enhanced versions of mechanical dynamometers to the naval shipyards for nuclear refueling operations, McDonald Douglas for assembly, GE for moving critical engines, the navy for checking tension in aircraft landing drag cables on aircraft carriers. They are suited for any customer that wants every assurance of integrity that modern technology allows, such as those in fright loading or heavy-duty material handling.

What are the actual differences between the APxtreme and AP dynamomters?

  • The medium capacity APxtremes are a different design than the medium capacity AP dynamometers. They are longer, use larger shacles and include a wood crate instead of a carrying case
  • The high capacity APxtremes are substantially shorter and lighter than the equivalent capacity of APs
  • The APxtreme pressure bar is a bit different from the AP. It is optimized for the longest life, has rounded or chafered ends and is electroless nicklel-plated. It is thicker and heavier in the medium and high capacities
  • Every APxtreme includes a certificate of conformance
  • Newton capacities, the Klaxon alarm and control switch options are available only on the APxtreme

Do the two instruments have the same calibration?

The APxtreme includes a detailed calibration certificate with curve of readings based on three confirming runs. The AP will be supplied standard with a card signed and dated by the operator. A fully detailed certificate with curve of readins is available at extra charge, either at time of order or after the sale.

Isn't the factor of safety a sufficient indicator of safety worthiness?

The safety factor is the multiplier (times the instrument capacity) that indicates how much additional load the dynamometer can sustain without dropping the load. While this is a good measure of design strength, there are other factors that are equally important in load-supporting components. Design for fatique, specification of aircraft quality materials, nondestructive examination and proper corrosion protection are all essential to safety.

Prudent companies will physically test their designs. Unfortunately, not every company will verify that a component actually achieves the factor of safety of the original engineering design. Dillon has confirmed by destructive tests that the factor of safety has been met in all its load-bearing components. Also Dillon will only certify use of the material tested to manufacture all dynamometers. Dillon will not test with one material and manufacture with another.


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