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CAS 15-THD Caston III Digital Crane Scale, 30000 lbs x 10 lb

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Several models to choose from with capacities ranging from 250 lb to 40000 lb. Wireless remote control, rechargeable battery pack or AC operation, environmentally sealed to IP67 Standards. Some models Legal for Trade. Weighs in pounds or kgs. more ...
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CAS 15-THD Caston III Digital Crane Scale, 30000 lbs x 10 lb

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CAS 15-THD Caston III Digital Crane Scale, 30000 lbs x 10 lb

Price: $3,000.00 ScalesGalore.com

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UPC: 797734623574
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Caston III Digital Crane Scale
30000 lbs x 10 lb

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Caston III Digital Crane Scale
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15-THD CAS Caston digital crane scales are battery operated with rechargeable battery pack and spare battery standard. Remote control standard. Tare, Hold, and auto span adjustment features. 30000 x 10 lb capacity x readability.

  • Battery Operated with low battery indication
  • Rechargeable battery pack
  • Spare battery pack and charger included as standard
  • Remote control included as standard
  • On, Off, Zero, Tare and Hold (manual or automatic) functions
  • Easy to read 1.5" LED Display
  • Auto span adjustment
  • Auto Zero Tracking
  • Environmentally sealed to IP 67 standards


Model 5-THD 10-THD 15-THD 20-THD 30-THD 50-THD
Capacity 10000 x 5 lb
5000 kg x 2 kg
20000 x 10 lb
10000 x 5 kg
30000 x 10 lb
15000 x 5 kg
40000 x 20 lb
20000 X 10 kg
60000 x 20 lb
30000 X 10 kg
100,000 x 50 lb
50,000 x 20 kg
Shipping Wt. 98 lbs 153 lbs 158 lbs 240 lbs 710 lbs 1050 lbs
Maximum Tare full tare
Display Type LCD (1.5 inch)
Operating Power DC 6V
Power Source AC 120 V, 50/60 Hz
Display Designators

Zero, Tare, Hold, Battery
Power Consumption 1.2 W
Operating Temperature -10°C ~ +40°C (14°F ~ 104°F)

Optional Accessories

CAS TWN Bluetooth Handheld Indicator
more info
CAS TWN Bluetooth Handheld Indicator
more info
Price: $520.00
In Stock
btn buy This portable handheld indicator is both durable and functional. The TWN’s design incorporates a built-in rechargeable battery and offers Bluetooth wireless communication capabilities that enable transmissions in excess of 300 feet /100 meters
  • Light weight, durable & portable
  • Easy to see - simple to operate
  • Wireless Connectivity
  • Increased Functionality
  • Built-in Rechargeable Battery
  • Sun Visor

The CAS TWN Handheld Indicator utilizes a high contrast, 320 x 240, TFT LCD display with a screen visor and an alphanumeric and function style keypad housed in a light weight protective enclosure

For data management needs, the TWN is supplied with enough on-board memory for 100 items and 5,000 transactions (including time, date, and gross weight). A wireless or wired printer can be used for printing needs or simply utilize the USB to PC connection to upload/download weighing data including item number, item name, and header text to a connected PC. Increased data management capabilities are also available with the addition of CAS TW-Works PC software.

Communication Type Bluetooth
Communication Rate 9,600 bps
Communication Distance Max 300ft/100m
Display High contrast 320 x 240 TFT LCD
Enclosure Light weight industrial grade NEMA 4/IP65
Memory 100 items/5,000 transactions incl time/date/gross wt
Battery Charging Time Approx 5-6 hrs
Options Wireless or Wired Printer
Power DC 3.6V 4,400mA rechargeable battery
DC 4.2V adapter
Operating Temp -10¢ªC ~ +40¢ªC
Interface USB : PC connection
RS-232C : Mobile printer connection
Dimensions 4.1 (W) x 8 (H) x 2.9 (D) - Inches
104.7 (W) x 204 (H) x74.3 (D) - MM
Product Weight 1.1 lbs/0.5 kg
CAS THB-BT Bluetooth Module Field Retrofit Kit
more info
CAS THB-BT Bluetooth Module Field Retrofit Kit
more info
Price: $200.00
In Stock
btn buy Already have a Caston II Plus Crane Scale and want Bluetooth connectivity? No problem. Simply install the optional Bluetooth Field Retrofit Kit and the TWN Portable Handheld Indicator for a fully operational Bluetooth crane scale.

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