Mark 10 ESMH-DC Advanced Horizontal Motorized Test Stand
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Mark 10 ESMH-DC Advanced Horizontal Motorized Test Stand
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The ESMH-DC Advanced Motorized Force Measurement Test Stand offers all the mechanical specifications of the ESM motorized test stand, including 100 lbF (500 N) force capacity, smooth top surface for coefficient of friction testing, integrated limit switches, stepper motor design that prevents speed variation with load, and more.

Specifications Chart

The ESMH-DC is an advanced motorized test stand offering all the mechanical specifications of the ESMH. This horizontal test stand, with a capacity of 100 lbF, is designed for tension, compression, and friction testing. A smooth top surface makes this tester particularly well suited for coefficient of friction testing. Other typical applications include the testing of sealed pouches, fabrics, tubing, sutures, and many other items in virtually every industry. The tester features integrated limit switches for repetitive testing or other tests where travel limits are required. Modular design accommodates a wide variety of test sample shapes and sizes.

The ESMH-DC’s controller adds a significant amount of sophistication, including an extended speed range, PC control capability, programmable cycling, auto return, overload protection, and other features.


  1. Maximum force: 100 lbF [500 N]
  2. Maximum travel: 13” [330 mm], 12” [305 mm] w/optional travel display
  3. Speed range: 0.2 - 50 in/min [5 - 1270 mm/min] (extensions available)
  4. Speed accuracy: ±0.2% of setting, ±0% variation with load
  5. Limit switch repeatability: ±0.001” [0.03 mm]
  6. Universal power supply: 80-250 VAC
  7. Remote controller
  8. Mounting holes for bench mounting
  9. Removable loading plate with 25 #10-32 threaded holes for fixture mounting
  10. CE mark

Included Accessories
The ESMH-DC is supplied with a small hook, medium hook, 2” diameter compression plate, extension rod, and #10-32 coupler.

Mark 10 ESMH-DC Advanced Horizontal Motorized Test Stand

Price: $3,657.50

Mark-10 ESMH001 Digital travel display, 12" x 0.0005 (300 mm x 0.01), add $1,377.50

Mark 10 09-1162 Multi-function cable, Series 5,4 to test Stand, add $118.75

Mark 10 09-1143 Multi-function cable,, gauge to controller, add $118.75

Mark 10 09-1056 Serial cable, controller to PC, add $30.00

Mark-10 09-1066 Travel Display to Mitutoyo SPC Communication Cable, add $71.00

Mark-10 MRS100A Communication adapter, Mitutoyo to RS-232, add $180.50

Mark-10 09-1048A RS-232, 9-pin Cable, add $71.25

Mark 10 RSU100 Communication adapter, RS-232 to USB, add $118.75

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Price Mark-10 ESMH-DC Horizonta
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Load capacity 100 lbF [500 N]
Maximum travel 13” [330 mm], 12” [305 mm] w/optional travel display
Speed range 0.2 - 50 in/min [5 - 1270 mm/min] (extensions available)
Speed setting accuracy ±0.2% of setting, ±0% variation with load
Limit switch repeatability
w/o optional equipment
±0.001” [0.03 mm]
Universal power supply 80-250 VAC
Warranty 3 years

Optional Hardware

Digital Travel Display 12” [300 mm] travel, 0.0005” [0.01 mm] resolution, 0.001” [0.03 mm] accuracy, SPC output for automated data collection. For output of travel data to a PC, the following items are required: 09-1066 cable and MRS100A communication adapter.

Milti-function cable, Series 5/4 gauge to controller Connects a Series 5 or 4 force gauge to the controller. This single cable is used to transmit set points, overload signals, and force data.

Serial cable, controller to PC
Bi-directional communication with a PC for computer control. Also sends force data from the controller to a PC.

Optional Controller Features

Any of the below option packages may be purchased at time of order or may be added in the field at a later date by entering an activation code

Computer Control An RS-232 port is provided to interface with a PC. The ESMH-DC accepts a number of commands pertaining to test stand motion and force gauge functions*. The following additional items are required for PC control:

  • Series 5 force gauge
  • 09-1056 serial cable (see Optional Equipment)
  • 09-1162 multi-function cable (see Optional Equipment)

Overlaod Protection Protects a force gauge against overload (requires a Series 5 or 4 force gauge and 09-1162 cable). The user programs the desired percentage of full scale of the gauge. Adjustable analog output voltage setting allows the test stand to interface with virtually any force gauge with analog output.

The crosshead moves to a limit switch or force set point (requires a Series 5 or Series 4 force gauge and 09-1162 cable), stops, and reverses direction at maximum speed to the other limit switch or set point.

Cycling / Dwell Time
The crosshead moves up and down between limit switches or force set points (requires a Series 5 or Series 4 force gauge and 09-1162 cable). Configurable up to 99,999 cycles. Dwell time allows the operator to program the amount of time, up to 9,999.9 seconds, in 0.1 second intervals, for which the crosshead pauses at limits.

Programmmable LEFT and RIGHT button Functions LEFT and RIGHT button operation can be configured in three userconfigurable modes: Maintained: a short push produces continuous motion until STOP is pressed, Momentary: crosshead moves only while the button is pressed, and Auto: short push produces maintained motion, while holding down the button will produce momentary motion.

Independent left and right speeds
Programmable independent speeds for left and right directions

Password Protection Prevents unauthorized changes to test parameters

* Contains no integrated travel measurement. Travel information available only through the external ESMH001 digital travel display, requiring an additional serial port on the PC. For an integrated solution with full PC control, including travel distance, see test stand model ESM301.

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