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Salter Brecknell B140 Counting Scales
The Salter Brecknell B140 is a 30,000 displayed resolution counting scale with a robust plastic housing featuring a level bubble with adjustable feet, easy to read six digit LED display and 20 hour run time rechargeab

B140-12,B140-30 Counting Scale

B140-60 Counting/Coin Scale

Specifications Chart

Salter Brecknell B140 Counting Scales

Advanced higher accuracy counting/coin scale with increments for good resolution on counted parts. Three bright LED displays with three brightness levels. Rugged ABS plastic base with stainless steel weight platter. Comes standard with PLU's, time and date, upper and lower count limits, accumulation and preset tare with RS-232 function. The 30 kg/60 lb capacity functions either as a counting or coin counter. Operates on either US/UK/EU power supplies (all included) or built-in rechargeable battery.
  • Currency Feature Added (30 kg / 60 lb only) - US Dollars, GB Pounds and Euros with big and small bag selection
  • Additional Features - PLU's, Piece Weight Entry, Upper and Lower Count Limits, Accumulation and Preset Tare
  • Accuracy - Within ±3 divisions at full load
  • High Performance - 30,000 divisions
  • Power - AC adapter with rechargeable battery at 20 hours battery life between charges
  • Construction - Rugged ABS plastic base, stainless steel weight platter
  • High Quality and Easy to Operate
  • High Performance - 30,000 divisions
  • Accuracy - ± 3 divisions at full load
  • Large Stainless Steel Top - 292 mm (W) x 222 mm (L) x 13 mm (H) - 11.5" W x 8.75" L x 0.5" H
  • Configurable RS-232
  • Configurable Scale ID
  • Capacity - 6 kg x 0.2 g / 12 lb x 0.0005 lb - 15 kg x 0.5 g / 30 lb x 0.001 lb - *30 kg x 1 g / 60 lb x 0.002 lb
  • *Currency Feature Added (30 kg / 60 lb only) - US Dollars, GB Pounds and Euros with big and small bag selection
  • Power¡V AC adapter with rechargeable battery at 20 hours battery life between charges
  • Construction¡V Rugged ABS plastic base, stainless steel weight platter
  • Additional Features¡V PLU's, Piece Weight Entry, Upper and Lower Count Limits, Accumulation and Preset Tare


Model B140-12 B140-30 B140-60
coin function
Salter Brecknell B140-12
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Salter Brecknell B140-30
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Salter Brecknell B140-60
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Capacity x Readability 12 x 0.0005 lb
6 kg x 0.2 g
30 x 0.001 lb
15 kg x 0.5 g
60 x 0.002 lb
30 kg x 1 g
display resolution 24,000 30,000 30,000
Minimum Piece Weight 0.0001 lb / 0.05 g 0.0002 lb / 0.1 g 0.0005 lb / 0.2 g
Display Three six digit 14.2 mm / 0.56" high seven segment red LED display with three brightness levels
Operating Temperature -10° C to 40° C / 14° F to 104° F
Power Internal rechargeable battery giving 20 hours of use between charges. Recharge time approximately 8 hours. 12 volt UK/EU/ US power adaptor / recharger (supplied) with center positive.
Average Working Current < 300mA
Battery 6V4A/Hr rechargeable lead-acid battery
Auto off Selectable between 1 and 30 minutes or off
Platform Material Stainless steel
Pan Size 11.5" W x 8.75" L x 0.5" H
292 mm (W) x 222 mm (L) x 13 mm (H)
Function Keys On/Off; Clear; Enter; Zero; Tare; Total; kg/lb; Piece Weight; PLU; Print;
- Currency; Upper Limit; Lower Limit and 0 – 9 for data entry
Annunciators Zero; Tare; AC Mains Connected; Battery Charging; Stable; Big Bag; Small Bag; kg and lb
Scale Dimension 11.5" W x 13.1" L x 4.3" H
292 mm (W) x 333 mm (L) x 109 mm (H)
Approvals CE, UL and WEEE directive
Keyboard Functionality 0-9– Used for keyboard entry of piece weight, sample size, and upper and lower limit settings
Units Units used to switch displayed weights between kg and lb.
Currency - Currency used to switch between currency type
Zero Return displayed weight and count to zero for accurate weighing and counting. Zero range capability is 5% of scale capacity
Enter/Pcwt Enter used to confirm or save entered data from keyboard. Pcwt used for keyboard entry of a known average piece weight
Tare Used to zero off (up to 100% of capacity) an empty container or weight, not required in the calculation of an average piece weight. Use of tare will reduce the scales maximum weight capacity by value stored
Total Ability to add the display to an accumulator (Memory +) and only accumulate when there is a percentage of weight change
Clear/Hi/Lo Clear to erase a keyed in value from the display if an error has been made. Hi/Lo is to set the upper and lower limits.
Upper Used to set an upper limit quantity for count check feature
Lower Used to set lower limit quantity for count check feature
On/Off Used to turn off display for extended battery life or reset the scale to normal weighing mode
Print Output to RS-232 communications
Packaging Dimension 15" L x 18.5" W x 13.5" H
38.6 cm (L) x 21 cm (W) x 33.8 cm (H)
Shipping Weight 4.5 kg / 10 lb
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