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Rice Lake RL1200 Portable Beam Scale
Portable beam scales are well known for time-tested reliability and performance, and Rice Lake's RL1200 Series is designed to complement these demands. For agriculture, warehousing, or general industrial weighing, these cost-effective, cast-iron designs deliver the ultimate in portability and durability
Rice Lake RL1200 Legal for Trade NTEP Portable Beam Scale - 1000 lb x 0.5 lb
Rice Lake RL1200 EM Legal for Trade NTEP Portable Beam Scale - 1000 lb x 0.5lb
Legal For Trade
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Rice Lake RL1200 NTEP Portable Beam Scales

Price From:$472.50

For Mechanical Scales Only

Rice Lake 172225 Electronic Conversion Kit for RL1200 Portable Beam Scale , add $1,098.00

Rice Lake 172226 Electronic Conversion Kit PLUS for RL1200 Portable Beam Scale , add $1,098.00

Portable beam scales are well known for time-tested reliability and performance, and Rice Lakes RL1200 Series is designed to complement these demands. For agriculture, warehousing, or general industrial weighing, these cost-effective, cast-iron designs deliver the ultimate in portability and durability.

Well suited to intrinsically safe applications or areas without access to electricity, this all-mechanical design is available in either metric or avoirdupois (lb). The avoirdupois model offers a capacity of 1,000 pounds and is also NTEP Certified, making it suitable for a wide range of commercial and Legal for Trade applications.

  • Construction: Cast-iron platform, base and levers
  • Poise: Steel locking screw provided
  • Platform Dimensions: (L x W) 24 in x 18 in
  • Capacity: 1000 lb
  • Approvals: NTEP Certified 93-004 Class III 2,000 d
  • Warranty: One-year Limited Warranty
  • NTEP Certified
  • Cast iron construction
  • Locking screw knob on poise
  • Slotted cast iron counterpoise weights, marked to scale capacity
  • Heavy-duty wheels for portability
  • Weights and hanger
  • Nickel plated steel beam with engraved brass insert
Model RL1200 RL1200 Metric RL1200 480 RL1200 480 Plus RL1200 390-DC
157982 157983 169187 169188 157984
Rice Lake RL1200 Legal fo
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Rice Lake RL1200 Metric M
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Rice Lake RL1200 EM Elect
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Rice Lake RL1200 EM PLUS
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Rice Lake RL1200 EM IQ pl
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Capacity 1000 lb x 0.5 lb 500 kg x 0.2kg 1000 lb x 0.5 lb
500 kg x 0.2kg
1000 lb x 0.5 lb
500 kg x 0.2kg
1000 lb x 0.5 lb
500 kg x 0.2kg
Size 24 x 18 in 24 x 18 in 24 x 18 in 24 x 18 in 24 x 18 in
Legal For Trade NTEP CC 93-004, Class III, 2,000 d NTEP CC 98-203, Class III, 10,000d
Warranty (limited) One Year
TYPE Mechanical Mechanical Digital Digital Digital
Indicator - - 482 482-Plus 390-DC

Dimensions Mechanical

dims Mechanical dims2 Mechanical

Dimensions Digital

dims digital dims2 digital

Rice Lake 482 and Rice Lake 482 PLUS

482 PLUS
482 PLUS

Advance to Rice Lake’s Legend Series—classic Rice Lake quality and design with innovative features for tomorrow. As the flagship of Rice Lake’s Legend Series, the 480 and 482 digital weight indicators have been designed to provide the very best in performance and value.

With stainless steel enclosures and advanced gasket systems, the industrial-strength Legend Series is built for dirty, wet environments and demanding workplaces, inside or out. Advanced circuitry also withstands electrical noise, power disturbances and transient spikes that are common to industrial applications.

Rice Lake’s Legend Series is the industry’s first choice for readability. With a choice between large, ultra-bright LED or LCD displays, 0.8 inch digits and sharp contrast, these indicators provide superior display visibility. The 480’s six-button tactile keypad allows for quick navigation and programming. Advance to the Plus Series for a full numeric keypad.

Connect to a printer, PC or remote display and make use of configurable print formats, time and date function, and local/remote capability. A standard lithium ion rechargeable battery allows operation from remote locations, such as a portable work station.

  • LED or LCD backlit display, 0.8 in (20 mm), 6-digit, 7-segment
  • Time and date, battery backed
  • Local/remote operation
  • Numeric keypad (480 Plus/482 Plus)
  • Keyed entries for tare and setpoint values (480 Plus/482 Plus)
  • 2 independent serial ports, RS-232 and 20 mA
  • Programmable ticket formats for gross, net, accumulator and setpoints
  • 5 continuous stream formats
  • Operator functions through menu for audit trail, preset tare, unit ID, accumulator, time and date, setpoints, communications and print formats
  • 8 setpoints, sequenced batch engine
  • Configurable with Revolution® software
  • Please call (800)832-0055 for Models with analog, relay, USB or Ethernet outputs

Rice Lake 390-DC


The IQ plus® 390-DC digital weight indicatosr take portability to a new level. Running on C-cell alkaline batteries*, these handy indicators allow operation in practically any location imaginable! Topping rivals in ease of use and performance, both models feature battery life up to 300 hours and a configurable standby mode that conserves battery power when not in use.

Operators can’t miss the prominent LCD display. Showing up to six digits in unmatched clarity, the huge, on-target design makes viewing easy to reduce costly operator errors. In addition, the IQ plus 390- DC’s six-button panel eliminates the hassles of setup and operation—allowing even the most inexperienced operator to be immediately productive. For a full numeric keypad, advance to the IQ plus 590-DC.

Housed in a stainless steel, NEMA 4X/IP66 enclosure, the IQ plus 390-DC/590-DC is designed to outlast any digital indicator on the market. From outdoor weighing systems and portable warehouse scales, to material handling and food processing applications, the rugged construction stands up to repetitive use and environmental abuse. Additional features include a piece count mode that enables both models to serve as part of a portable counting scale, an AC adapter for applications not requiring battery power, and RATTLETRAP® three-stage digital filtering for accurate weight data in environments where vibration is a concern. To ensure stability when weighing animals, choose the optional animal weighing program.

Add it all up and it’s easy to see why the IQ plus 390-DC-590-DC sets the standard for portable indicators. IQ plus 390-DC

  • NEMA Type 4X/IP66-rated stainless steel enclosure
  • LCD display, 1 in (24.5 mm), 6-digit, 7-segment
  • S6 button operation
  • Power for four 350 ohms load cells or eight 700 ohms load cells
  • Configurable units multiplier
  • Supports 4- and 6-wire load cell connections
  • EDP port for full duplex, RS-232 communications
  • Powered by 6 C cell alkaline batteries for complete portability (batteries not included)
  • AC adapter for 115 or 230 VAC power
  • Configurable standby mode that saves battery life
  • RATTLETRAP® 3-stage digital filtering
  • Piece count mode
  • Configurable with Revolution® software
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