HealthOMeter - 450KL Mechanical Physician Scales
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HealthOMeter - 450KL Mechanical Physician Scales - 500 x 1/4 lb
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HealthOMeter 450KL physician scales are the most dependable in the industry. That's why more than 50% of all doctor?s office scales used in the United States bear the Health o meter® name. Tough and reliable, this balance beam scale is built to last for years in even the most demanding weighing applications. All provide maximum precision day-after-day

Health O Meter 450KL Mechanical Beam Physicians Scale, 500 x 1/4 lb
Price: $257.00
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Health O Meter 450KLWH Mechanical Beam Physicians Scale, 500 x 1/4 lb w/Wheels
450KLWH W Wheels
Price: $311.00
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HealthOMeter - 450KL Mechanical Physician Scales

Price From : $257.00

Health O Meter Wheel Assembly For Mechanical bean scales , add $59.95


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The Health-O-Meter® Model 450KL* is a 500 pound/ 200 kg capacity balance beam column scale from Health-O-Meter®, one of the worlds leading manufacturers of personal and professional scales.

Tough and reliable, this balance beam scale is built to last for years in even the most demanding weighing applications. No need for batteries or A/C adapters. The scales easy to read dual poise balance beam weighing mechanism makes weighing fast and easy. If you need to measure height as well as weight consider the Model 450KL, an identical performing scale with a height measuring rod.

  • Great Design - the Health-O-Meter® family of balance beam scales are a gold standard of clinical weighing with hundreds of thousands of units in use year after year in clinics around the world.
  • High Accuracy - The Health-O-Meter® balance beam scales weighing mechanism has been refined and field proven for years and is accurate over the full measuring range of 500 pounds/180 Kg in increments of 0.25 pound/100 g.
  • Large weighing platform - the 10-1/2" x 14" weighing platform is covered with a non-slip cover.
  • Built strong - the scale weighing mechanism is manufactured using high strength hardened steel pivots and bearings and the entire scale is fabricated using steel and cast iron for high strength and long life.
  • Dual mode - the balance beams include markings for both English (lb) and metric (Kg) units.
  • Warranty - 10 year limited warranty

This is a high quality balance beam scale that is equally at home in the clinic, hospital, health club, school or family bathroom. Built to last by one of the worlds leading scale manufacturers, this scale will give you many years of trouble free service.

  • Manufacturer: Health-O-Meter
  • Model: 450KL
  • Format: Balance beam column scale
  • Scale height: 57.3" (1.46 M)
  • Mechanism type: Dual poise balance beam
  • Measurement units: Pounds / Kilograms
  • Standard capacity: 500 lbs / 200 kg
  • Capacity extenders available: Yes Included
  • Extended capacity: 500 lbs / 200 kg (with included counterweights)
  • Display type: Direct readout from balance beam
  • Display resolution: 0.25 lb / 100 g
  • Power requirements: None - pure mechanical balance beam scale
  • Platform size: 10.5" (267 mm) wide x 14" (356 mm) deep
  • Platform type: Non-slip mat
  • Platform step height: 3.425" (83 mm)
  • Shipping weight: 40 lb.
  • Manufacturers warranty: Limited 10 year warranty
Model 400KL 402KL 402LB 450KL 450KLWH
400KL 402KL 402LB 450KL 450KL
Price $195.00
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Capacity 390 lb/180 kg 390 lb/180 kg 390 lb 500 lb/200 kg 500 lb/200 kg
Graduation 1/4 lb / 100 g 1/4 lb / 100 g 1/4 lb 1/4 lb / 100 g 1/4 lb / 100 g
Platform Size 10 1/2" x 14"
HEIGHT ROD - 23 5/8?-84?/60cm-213 cm
Wheels - - - - YES
Platform mat Non-Slip Black
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