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Doran DS4200 Baby Scale w\ Infant Seat 45 lb x 0.2 oz Adam Equipment
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The Model DS4200 offers all the features of the DS4100 with the additional feature of a molded plastic infant seat. For maximum infant safety, the seat is permanently mounted to the scale.

Doran DS4200 lightweight.Baby Scale 45 lb x 0.2 oz

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Doran DS4200
Baby Scale with Infant Seat
45 lb x 0.2 oz

Price: $445.50

Doran XFR0049 Power Supply 110v UL and UlLc Approved, add $27.00

Doran XFR0059 Power Supply 230v CE Approved, add $27.00


The Model DS4200 offers all the features of the DS4100 with the additional feature of a molded plastic infant seat. For maximum infant safety, the seat is permanently mounted to the scale. The seat can be adjusted to face either right or left so that it can allow easy access to the infant chair in any office configuration. As with all Doran weighing and measuring devices, you can expect excellent performance for many years, backed by a three year warranty.

Although very affordable, the Doran Infant and Pediatric Scale contains features you only see in far more expensive scales. With 0.2 oz (5 g) accuracy, your medical staff will now be able to accurately track even the smallest weight changes. To operate, simply turn on the scale and place the patient onto the platform. The weight is quickly locked-on and displayed with our exclusive Weight Lock technology. A beep signals the weight has been locked-on allowing attention to be focused on the patient, rather than the weight display. The convenient Reweigh feature allows the infant to be weighed again without removing the baby from the scale. Pressing the KG or LB buttons quickly changes weight units between pounds:ounces and kilograms.

Model DS4100 DS4200
Doran DS4100 lightweight.
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Doran DS4200 Baby Scale w
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Capacity x Readability 45 x 0.2 oz
20 kg x 5 g
45 x 0.2 oz
20 kg x 5 g
ACCURACY +/- 0.2 oz (5 g) +/- 0.2 oz (5 g)
DISPLAYED UNITS lb:oz, kg lb:oz, kg
SCALE DIMENSIONS 25" L x 13.75" W x 3.75" H 25" L x 13.75" W x 18" H
Infant Seat - YES
CONTROLS On/Off, Reweigh, LB, KG, Zero
POWER Four AA Batteries (Included)
BATTERY LIFE Two year battery life
DISPLAY 0.66" High LCD
WARRANTY Three Years
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