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The range of platforms from Adam offer a variety of features and combinations to meet your needs, all of which can be integrated into systems or combined with one of Adam Equipment’s many different indicators with features to suit most applications.

GF Indicator

AE402 Indicator

Specifications Chart

Adam Equipment’s industrial PT series of platforms offer durability and quality construction for a variety of different applications. Using a mild steel base the PT series includes adjustable levelling feet and 10 feet of cable.

With over 35 years of experience in the production of weighing instruments you can trust Adam for quality products that offer a range of features designed for a variety of applications

PT series of floor scales feature a low profile design for easy loading and unloading. The range incorporates a non-slip checkered plate for added grip. Heavy duty rubber feet support the four loadcells ensuring quality and longevity of the bases. With a number of different configurations and capacities there is a PT based that will meet all your industrial applications.

Adam Equipment PT Floor Scales

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Specifications Chart

Legal for Trade
  • Adjustable levelling feet
  • 4 loadcell construction
  • 10 feet of loadcell cable
  • Heavy duty rubber feet

GK Indicator

The GK offers an affordable indicator that is packed with smart features that will make weighing quick and easy. The built in Check weighing functions allows the user to easily view if there sample is above below or at set targets and with a full keypad counting applications are achieved with the same indicator making the GK totally flexible for numerous uses.
Check weigh product faster than ever with the GK colour-coded LED bar graph. Amber, green and red LEDs quickly show if the sample is underweight, overweight or within acceptable limits. The LEDs can be programmed to turn on together or in sequence for more detailed indication.
Transmit the information to printers and computers with the bi-directional RS-232 interface with date and time, providing easy data recording and traceability to increase productivity
An easy-to-read backlit LCD with capacity tracker shows capacity usage as well as weight, count or percentage (depending on the weighing mode selected). The capacity tracker helps prevent users from exceeding the scale’s capacity when performing more than one tare reading.
  • 5 weighing units (kg, g, lb, oz, lb:oz)
  • Automatic memory accumulation
  • Pre-set counting with alarm
  • Date and time
  • Adjustable filters
  • Full range tare
  • Accumulation of Weight
  • Wall mount bracket
  • Check-weighing with low and high limits
  • Check weighing LED bar graph
  • Capacity tracker
  • Large backlit LCD display
  • Full colour coded keypad with numeric entry
  • Simple user-friendly operation
  • Splashproof to protect from accidental spills
  • Easy access to the rechargeable battery
  • RS-232 bi-directional interface
  • External calibration
  • Auto sleep / power down function to save battery life
  • AC Adapter

AE402 Indicator

The AE402 indicator is a stainless steel indicator that has a range of features for many different weighing applications. Whether these indicators are used outdoors, on a loading dock or in a warehouse or industrial buildings the stainless steel housing is sealed for IP66 wash down environments and the quality construction is built tough to handle even the most demanding tasks. The sleek compact design comes complete with the wall mount bracket and hardware to place it where you want it. A built-in rechargeable battery with low battery indicator, check weighing limit LED, an easy-to-use keypad with highlighted tare key and a large backlit display complete the AE402 indicator. Features
  • Large backlit LCD
  • Colour coded keys
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Bi-directional RS-232 interface
  • Bracket for wall mounting
  • Hold function
  • Wash down meets IP66 standards
  • Stainless steel housing
  • Checkweighing LED lights
  • Capacity tracker
Model PT-112-GK PT-3125-GK PT-31210-GK PT-112-AE402 PT-3125-AE402 PT-31210-AE402
Legal For Trade Model PT-112-GKaM PT-3125-GKaM PT-31210-GKaM - - -
- - -
Indicator GK AE-402
Capacity x Readability 2500 x 0.5 lb 5000 x 1 lb 10000 x 2 lb 2500 x 0.5 lb 5000 x 1 lb 10000 x 2 lb
1000 kg x 200 g 3000 kg x 500 g 4500 kg x 1 kg 1000 kg x 200 g 3000 kg x 500 g 4500 kg x 1 kg
Pan size 47in x 47in - 1200mm x 1200mm
Weighing Units g, kg, lb, oz, lb:oz g, kg, lb, N
Sensitivity Up to 1:30,000 0.15uv/d
Loadcells Up to 4 x 350ohm loadcells Up to 4 loadcells 350 ohms
Minimum 87ohms - maximum 1120ohms
Zero input range 0 - 10mV 0- 10mv
Signal Range 0 - 40mV 0+40mv
Height 4in / 100mm
Net Weight 264lb / 120kg
Cable 10ft / 3m long
Construction Mild Steel
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